Intro to Ecosystems


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Ecosystems are all around us. In fact, you are a part of one. This hands-on class will introduce your children to ecosystems and the many things that make them up. Your child will also learn about the two factors that work together to keep an ecosystem going, food chains, food webs, biomes, and even have a chance to create their own ecosystem! They will have the opportunity to share projects and test their knowledge while playing Ecosystem Trivia game during the last class.

Join Teacher Christel Brewer in this exciting, informative, and fun science course!

Course information:

Meeting Day/Time: Thursdays at 1:00p CST
Age/Grade Level: upper elementary to middle school (3rd – 6th)
Cost: $25

Any necessary downloads, printables, classroom meeting links, etc. will be emailed to you at least 1 week prior to the first day of class. Keep in mind that the course cost is per family.


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