Intentional Self-Improvement Journal



Helping you THRIVE – not just survive from the INSIDE OUT!

This is a faith-based journal resource created for the sole purpose of helping you thrive in life through intentional self-improvement. The prompts, affirmations, and words of encouragement are all Scripture-based.

It also includes the restoration of the Hebrew names of God (YHVH, Yah, and Yahovah), the Son (Messiah, Yahoshua), and the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh). All Scriptures come from the ISR Version of the Bible.

It is my prayer, hope, and desire that you are able to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally from being intentional about self-improvement. I am a firm believer that YHVH does not want us to live a life of doom, gloom, and unable to overcome.

On the contrary, His Word says that we are created in His image, and have an expectancy of a hope and a future, one that is rooted in overcoming life’s hurdles and obstacles. This resource touches base with 5 key areas: faith, family, finance, work, and friendships.

For each area there is a Scripture + Affirmations page and an Affirmations-Only page with space to also write your own. I encourage you to choose one area at a time to declare and decree, meditate, and do a Bible study for. This can help with understanding and believing the Word on an intimate level.


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