Homeschool Your Way Planning Pack



Homeschool state requirements and mission statements and homeschool groups – oh my! How are you currently keeping up with all of your important documents and paperwork? Bookmarking online? Printing stuff out and shoving it in a folder? Or how about the good ole writing it down on the back of something that may have gotten thrown away?


You need this Homeschool YOUR Way Planning Pack! I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that if you fail to plan then most likely you are planning to fail.

Yes, there are TONS of homeschool planners out there but this one is different. It’s a gap filler! What I mean by that is wrapped up in this 20 page printables are pages to help you keep up with the super important stuff, like:

  • Why you homeschool
  • Your mission statement
  • Your statement of beliefs
  • A layout of what homeschooling looks like for YOUR family
  • Plan A & Plan B layouts (because you never know if you will need to switch things up!)
  • A homeschooling YOUR way goal tracker
  • State requirement printable
  • Printables to document paperwork due and deadlines
  • Keep up with points of contact
  • Keep track of other resources like:
    • homeschool groups you’re affiliated with
    • COOP programs you’re a member of
    • organizations and/or umbrella schools you may be enrolled in

Amazing right?!

These printables will help you stay organized year after year with printable templates created for optimal filing and organizational purposes. Ideas for using:

  • print as is and place them in a binder, folder, or have them spiral bound
  • print individual pages you need/want and add them to your DIY planner
  • print several copies of the foundational printables to hang around your homeschool space as a reminder and encouragement


The Homeschool YOUR Way Planning Pack is available as a digital download (nothing shipped) making it easy to download and print whatever you need! Keep in mind that your purchase is for personal use only. Please DO NOT share your purchase with others – that’s stealing. Please DO share the link to this product with your homeschoolin’ friends so they can take advantage of all we have to offer!


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