Homebirth Planning Pack



Happy Homebirthing!

First I’d like to start by telling you what this pack is not. This homebirth planning pack is not meant to be an absolute, unchangeable plan or set of rules. It is not something to get stressed or overwhelmed about.

This planning pack is for your personal use to help aid in noting preferences, informed choices, goals, and the like. It is also a way to help you focus on your true desires for pregnancy, labor, and birth.

You’ll find the following components in this planning pack:

Pre-Planning Checklist

This checklist will help you document early prenatal information such as:

  • due date
  • your height and weight
  • what # baby this is for you
  • assistance information
  • emergency information
  • health/wellness report
  • supplement information
  • prenatal supplies

Personal Homebirth Plan

This two-page plan will help you brainstorm your homebirth from beginning to end in terms of the journey you’d like to have by documenting your:

  • support tribe
  • research
  • affirmations & goals
  • labor & delivery preferences
  • preferences in case of a transport

The extra space page is for documenting anything extra you can think of and want to jot down. Some mamas like to research things like:

  • what to do in case of an emergency
  • pregnancy diets
  • birthing methods
  • best birthing positions
  • homebirth space ideas
  • spiritual considerations
  • support groups
  • and more!

Whatever you choose is up to you! Don’t hesitate to make changes and go with the flow of your pregnancy (labor and delivery). Having a homebirth can be one of the most powerful experiences a woman can have. It’s empowering and soul-boosting!



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