Effective Essay Writing


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Effective Essay Writing is a LIVE eCourse

About this course:

Students will learn the steps to writing a essay and put these steps into practice through weekly lectures and assignments. Each week will focus on a different aspect: writing an outline, defining, comparing/contrasting, persuasion, and analysis. This course comes with an effective essay writing resource that will serve as a weekly guide for lectures and assignments.


Week 1: Intro to writing. Students will learn how to develop an outline, structure paragraphs, and how to identify thesis statements, topic sentences, and main points.

Week 2: Students will select two things to compare and contrast using proper writing format.

Week 3: Students will learn how to write a persuasive essay and the ability to support claims using logical reasoning. Persuasive elements will be discussed: pathos, ethos, and logos.

Week 4: Students will learn how to write a descriptive essay.

Any additional applications or websites are needed for this course are at the discretion of the student with parental permission to complete weekly writing assignments.

More Information:

Each lesson will begin with a small lecture and sample writing excerpts. Students will spend the duration of class practicing what is taught and preparing to complete each week’s writing assignment.

Assignment due dates, means of turning them in, and other information will be available in future correspondence.

Class takes place on the Zoom platform to allow for a real virtual classroom feel. Students should mute microphone upon entering class and will be given time to speak when prompted. Having your camera on is optional.

Supplies needed:

  • paper
  • pencils
  • workbook
  • outside resources for completing assignments (including, but not limited to: internet, books, magazines, etc.)

This course will meet:

  • Every Thursday in January beginning Jan. 10th
  • At 12:45p CST
  • For a duration of 40-45 minutes

Subjects involved in this course are: English

Upon checkout:

  • Please provide the name(s) of the students you are enrolling and their age in the “NOTES” section
  • You will receive a Course Syllabus (PDF download) with all important information. All future correspondence pertaining to this course will happen via email. Make sure to whitelist courses@withthehuddlestons.com


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