Earth Day from a Biblical Perspective



Earth Day from a Biblical Perspective

Earth Day is considered a very important day where children are taught about how to care for the world around them. I want to also teach my children that while the three r’s are important (reduce, reuse, and recycle), it is also important to understand the earth and how we are to care for it from a Biblical perspective.

That is what you’re looking at now. Being a homeschooling mom of multiples (currently ages 1-11), I needed a resource that would meet the needs of my children now and grow with them later. I also wanted something with a strong Biblical foundation, and nothing beats the actual Word of God.

Therefore, this resource comes with Scripture copywork (in ISR, Institute for Scripture Research version) in three script options: elementary print, cursive, and blank lines (for older children) and five coloring pages with Scripture-based affirmations of how to care for and look at the earth from a Biblical perspective.

The main points touched on in this resource are:

  • How did the earth come to be?
  • God’s examples of how He cares for the earth.
  • Being a good steward of the earth.
  • Having authority over creation.
  • Not defiling the land.
  • Creation revealing God’s Truth.
  • The land needing a Sabbath rest.

Scriptures and concepts in this resource can be used for further study, research, and overall teaching about God’s amazing earth and all within.

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