DIY Curriculum & Lesson Planner



You’ve heard that it’s possible…

And you really want to do it… But you haven’t quite figured out how to put together your own curriculum and plan your own lessons.

You’re probably thinking that it takes…

o A ton of time.

o Creating your own resources.

o Too much money.

The truth is…

It’s much easier than you think and help is here. As a seven-year homeschooling mama (of FIVE), I’ve been piecing together my own curriculum and writing my own lessons plans each and every year. The other thing you should know is that I’m not spending countless hours behind the computer, or spending hundreds of dollars!

And this year, I’ve added another piece to how I plan that has made it even better! This resource accommodates any and every homeschooling method, especially Charlotte Mason, eclectic/relaxed, unschooling, and deschooling. You’ll find the templates practical, easy to understand, and something you’ll use year after year.

You’ll have access to templates that will help you:

  • See the big picture of your homeschool year.
  • Set homeschool goals and individual learning goals for each child.
  • Note homeschool requirements by your state.
  • Map out a 12+ year overview.
  • Decide what to teach, and when.
  • Locate reliable resources.
  • Lesson plan by the month, week, and day.

Product Details:

  • This is a digital product available in PDF form. There is nothing physically shipped.
  • The planner is a total of 34 pages.
  • It uses natural, monotone colors to keep it easy on your printer (yay!).
  • It is single licensed, meaning it is to be used for your personal family only.


Get a personal walk-through of how to use this resource with the DIY Curriculum & Lesson Planning mini course*!


*When you enroll in this course, you will receive a copy of this planner absolutely FREE!


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