Brown Bear What Do You See Unit Study




Based off the children’s classic…

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

It is my heart’s desire to help you enjoy the endless learning possibilities that are unlocked through homeschooling. A new favorite for our family is learning through literature-based unit studies. You may see more and more of these pop up in my shop as I continue to create them!

Unit study details:

  • over 80 pages
  • sample lesson plan included
  • blank lesson planning template
  • sequence cards for story-telling
  • for each animal
    • facts sheet
    • animal coloring page
    • letter coloring page
    • letter tracing
    • sight word book written by Michelle Huddleston
  • Other book suggestions
  • Suggested YouTube videos
  • Animal-themed recipe ideas
  • Pinterest finds
  • Netflix finds

Enough activities included for over a month’s worth of studying about animals!

To get the most from this unit study I recommend the following:

✓ Look at the materials and resource page at the end of this packet to become familiar with what you can gather before starting the unit study.
✓ Print the cards for sequence story-telling on cardstock paper and laminate to make them durable.
✓ Plan activities beforehand by using the sample and blank planning templates provided on the next couple of pages.
✓ Don’t hesitate to add to, take away, and tweak this unit study to accommodate the varying learning styles of your children.
✓ Have fun exploring all this unit study offers and the doors of learning it opens!

As always, I spend a great deal of time creating my resources. I appreciate your support and humbly ask that you do not share the PDF of this resource. Instead, consider sharing my website so others can take advantage of all that we offer at With the Huddleston’s.

If you have any ideas of future literature-based unit studies you’d like to see in the shop, please share them by emailing me at


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