Black Inventors Unit Study



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8 Black Inventors Everyone Should Know About

You’ve seen and heard about gas masks. You may have even used a dry cleaner or two. Have you ever thought about what traffic lights used to look like, or wondered where the home alarm system came from?

In this all-inclusive unit study, 8 Black Inventors Everyone Should Know About, you’ll learn about the incredible designs brought forth by some of America’s least talked about people – black inventors. Enjoy over 40+ pages of truth, research, and engaged learning! This is a resource the ENTIRE FAMILY can enjoy! Early elementary-age may need assistance with researching and writing. Upper elementary and up should be able to complete the pages independently.

Included in this unit study pack are informative activity pages that will send your child on a unique journey of learning about amazing black inventors and their inventions. Included are:

  • Dr. Shirley Jackson
  • Lewis Latimer
  • Mari Van Brittan Brown
  • Otis Boykin
  • Charles Drew
  • Elijah McCoy
  • Garrett Morgan
  • Thomas Jennings

There are six activity pages per person, including:

  • writing prompts (English & Language Arts)
  • pinpointing birth places and beyond (Geography)
  • drawing inventions (Art)
  • then and now (Social Studies)
  • word find/search (Creativity)

Pages in this unit study pack can be used in many different ways, including (but not limited to):

  • creating an interactive notebook
  • building a keepsake journal
  • creating a show-and-tell
  • writing a report for submitting to local paper, magazine, or other publication

You are permitted to make as many copies as needed for personal use only. Under no circumstances are you allowed to share, duplicate, or make copies for mass distribution – that is stealing. Please recommend this resource by sharing the link for others to purchase a copy for their family.

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