Biblical Fall Feasts Interactive Study



A new resource to help families learn about the biblical fall feasts in a fun, interactive way!

This resource and course is meant to be a guide in teaching children and families about the appointed times in the Holy Scriptures, also known as the Fall Feasts. Included in this resource are:

  • Printable pages that can be used to make an interactive notebook or lapbook.
  • Instructional videos (1 per week)
  • Information about each Fall Feast: Yom Teruah, YomKippur, and Sukkot
  • Recipes and practical ways to observe ideas

This resource is not meant to replace any other biblical teaching your children have previously received or may receive in the future.

It is strongly recommended that you use this resource in conjunction with your own research and study of Scripture. Any Scripture referenced comes from the ISR version.

You are permitted to make copies of this resource for personal use only. Sharing of this resource and/or videos is strictly prohibited. To use this resource for a group, church group, or homeschool COOP, please contact Michelle @ for permission.


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