Beginner II Hebrew Learning Notebook


The Beginner II Hebrew Learning Notebook has been UPDATED! This 63-page notebook is an extended version of the Beginner Hebrew Learning Notebook. The Beginner II Notebook offers the extended Hebrew aleph bet (with dagesh), vowels, masculine/feminine numeric values, seasons, animals, foods, and the progress tracker sheet. The goal of this beginner notebook is to offer a supplement that will assist in teaching your children the beautiful modern Hebrew language. To get the most from your workbook, I recommend using clear protectors and dry-erase markers. This will not only save paper and ink, but also allow for multiple uses per page. About the notebook: The Beginner Hebrew Learning Workbook includes: Extended Hebrew aleph bet (alphabet) with dagesh Hebrew vowels Numbers (masculine and feminine) Seasons Animals Food Time of day (morning, evening, night) Progress tracker Extended Hebrew Aleph Bet These pages will show the Hebrew letters, the letters that have a dagesh (dot), the pronunciation, and have a space for tracing the letter. Hebrew Vowels Modern Hebrew uses vowels points, called nikkudot (nikkud in the singular). These are the dots and dashes added above and below the consonants. These notebook pages will introduce the vowels and vowel sounds using the letter alef, א. Because alef is silent, only the vowels are pronounced (unless otherwise noted). Numbers (masculine and feminine) These pages will introduce the Hebrew numbers 1-10 in their masculine and feminine forms. Seasons These pages will have a picture of each season, followed by “say it, trace it” sections with the Hebrew name and English name. Animals Beginners will learn basic animals in Hebrew. Food Beginners will learn basic foods in Hebrew. Time of Day Beginners will learn basic Hebrew vocabulary that relates to morning, evening, and night, followed by “say it, trace it” sections with the Hebrew name and English name. Progress Tracker Use this page to note progress by adding stickers in the boxes showing a job well done when notebook pages were completed. NEW BUYING OPTIONS! Single-Family & Group license*! If you purchase the digital copy of this notebook, consider printing double-sided and placing the sheets in clear protectors (or laminating) to save on ink. Feel free to make copies for personal use only. Mass distribution and/or sharing of PDF file(s) is not prohibited and is considered stealing. *Select “single” to buy a copy for your personal use, or “group” if you would like to make multiple copies for your group, church, ministry or congregation. BONUS: FREE ALEPH BET CHARTS (and handwriting practice chart) WITH PURCHASE!

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