Beginner Hebrew Write & Wipe Activity Book



NOW AVAILABLE: Beginner Hebrew Write & Wipe
ACTIVITY BOOK (digital copy only)

Get the best of teaching and reinforcing beginner Hebrew language concepts with our new Beginner Hebrew Write & Wipe Activity Book! If you’re familiar with our ever-popular line of write and wipe activity books, then you already know how awesome and amazing THIS resource is!

The Beginner Hebrew Write & Wipe Activity Book touches base with FIVE key areas of language learning: Aleph bet, colors, shapes, numbers, and beginner words. Your child will have a blast (all while learning) as they doodle, trace, circle, and match throughout the 14 activities in this activity book!

Please note: This product is no longer available in HARD COPY ONLY. You will need to print it on card stock paper and laminate the pages to make it “write and wipe.” (This is due to the increase in printing and binding costs.)

It is the perfect take-along that fits easily into diaper bags, totes, and purses. Grab it and go to help keep your kiddo quiet and educationally engaged while running errands, in long car rides, or when having lunch/dinner at a restaurant.

To see a LIVE PREVIEW of this product, click HERE.

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