Beginner Hebrew Learning Notebook


The Beginner Hebrew Learning Notebook has been UPDATED! Enjoy a simple, but engaging way to learn the Hebrew language. This Notebooks works well as a teaching aid by itself or pair it with other language learning resources. Consider pairing this with our Hebrew flashcards and handwriting practice workbook ! The Beginner Hebrew Learning Workbook includes (62 pages): Hebrew aleph bet (alphabet) Basic numbers Colors Shapes Days of the week Months of the Hebraic year Weather Progress tracker Hebrew Aleph Bet These pages will show the Hebrew letter, letter name, pronunciation, and space for tracing the letter. Basic Numbers (1-10) The number pages will have the number in Hebrew, the letter value, and the numeric value in English. The English numeric value will have space to use stickers, paint dots, coloring, etc. Each page has the corresponding number of dots for additional counting practice. Hebrew Colors These pages will come with cards to print out and match, as well as space for tracing. I recommend using Velcro pieces to make it easier to attach the matching color cards. Hebrew Shapes These traceable pages will have a picture of the shape and the shape/s name in Hebrew. Days of the Week These pages will have a section for tracing the name of the day in Hebrew. Months of the Hebraic Calendar These pages will have traceable word cards for each month of the Hebraic calendar. It will also notate the corresponding months of the Gregorian calendar. Weather Beginners will learn basic weather in Hebrew. Progress Tracker Use this page to note progress by adding stickers in the boxes showing a job well done when notebook pages were completed. The goal of this notebook is to offer a supplement that will assist in teaching your children the beautiful modern Hebrew language. NEW BUYING OPTIONS!!! Single-family and Group License*! If you purchase the digital copy of this notebook, consider printing double-sided and placing the sheets in clear protectors (or laminating) to save on ink. Feel free to make copies for personal use only. Mass distribution and/or sharing of PDF file(s) is not prohibited and is considered stealing. *Select “single” to buy a copy for your personal use, or “group” if you would like to make multiple copies for your group, church, ministry or congregation.   BONUS: FREE ALEPH BET CHARTS (and handwriting practice chart) WITH PURCHASE!

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