Beginner Hebrew Learning Notebook


An easy and fun way to begin learning the Hebrew language! This beginner notebook gets you and your family started on the right foot by showing the Hebrew aleph bet (alphabet), numbers, shapes, colors, and more!

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This 62-page notebook introduces the basic Hebrew Aleph Bet, numbers 1-10, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the Hebraic calendar, and common weather. There is also a progress tracker page to keep up with milestones reached throughout learning!

If you purchase the digital copy of this notebook, consider printing double-sided and placing the sheets in clear protectors (or laminating) to save on ink. If you purchase the hard copy of this notebook, feel free to make copies for personal use only. Mass distribution and/or sharing of PDF file(s) is not prohibited and is considered stealing. Add the laminated pages option for an additional $6. This will make your notebook reusable!

BONUS: FREE ALEPH BET CHARTS (and handwriting practice chart) WITH PURCHASE!

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