All About Sharks Unit Study Bundle



All About Sharks Unit Study Bundle

A Resource Bundle for Grades K-8

This All About Sharks Unit Study Bundle is a resource created with homeschooling families of multiples in mind. In this packet you will find a variety of activities that span across multiple subjects and touch base with various concepts such as:

  • Language Arts/English
  • Creative Writing/Research
  • Beginner Reading
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Science
  • and more!

Your kiddos will enjoy engaging activities like:

  • Shark Math (with shark pieces and a tank!)
  • Beginner Readers Sight Word book
  • Shark Research
  • Cursive Writing
  • Shark Anatomy labeling
  • and much more!

How to Use the All About Sharks Unit Study Bundle

This packet can be used as a unit study lesson on its own or be used in conjunction with other curriculum resources. Each page is marked with a letter and number to indicate grade level. For example, K1 would be kindergarten, level 1. E3 would be elementary grade/level 3. M6 would be middle school, grade 6.

This is a great resource to use during Shark Week! Watch different episodes and shows to help with bringing your kids well-rounded lessons about sharks!

More about this resource:

  • There are a total of 30 pages.
  • It comes with an “Additional Resources’ page with clickable links.
  • The grade range is Kindergarten through 8th grade. Use your best judgment with the activity pages.
  • This is a digital resource only.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to share the digital download of this resource (that is stealing); however, you are more than welcomed to share the shop link so that others can take advantage of this and other great resources that we have.

All about sharks unit study bundle.


Sharks 3-Part Flashcards

Enjoy 15 nomenclature-style flashcards plus shark facts about each one included on the flashcards. Simply print on card stock paper, laminate, and cut! Use the shark facts pages to teach your kids about each shark.

Sharks Activity Pack

Give your kiddos the opportunity to design their own shark with four different shark templates. They’ll also be able to build their own shark habitat with shark, coral reef, and other fish cutouts. This pack also includes two puzzles (one easy and one semi-hard) that should printed on card stock, laminated and cut out.

No extra purchases necessary. Once you purchase the All About Sharks Unit Study Bundle, you’ll get instant access to download all three resources at once!

Looking for additional Shark resources? Check out my SHARK WEEK YouTube playlist below!


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