A Study of Purim




For the next four weeks, you will embark on an amazing adventure of learning about the Hebrew celebration known as Purim. This course has history, foreign language, geography, and social studies all wrapped up in one! You will not need extra resources; however, there may be some suggestions mentioned for further study.

Layout of each week:

  • WEEK 1: overview of Purim, history, location of event(s), Hebrew words, and a look at the main people involved
  • WEEK 2: begin a timeline of events leading up to the declaration of memorializing Purim
  • WEEK 3: continue timeline of events that lead up to mandating Purim
  • WEEK 4: ways to observe Purim

Included in this resource is 30+ notebooking-style pages and four instructional videos that will guide your child/children (and family) through a detailed study of the book of Esther and a deeper understanding of the Purim celebration.

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