160 CVC Blending Flash Cards



NEW: 160 CVC Flash Card set!

Teaching your child to read just got a lot easier with this mega pack of CVC flash cards – 160 total!

There are 8 flash cards per page formatted for easy front-back printing. All you need to do is print double-sided), cut, and laminate!

Each flash card has a three letter CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word representing several families from each vowel blend family.

Included are:

  • Short a: ab, ad, an , at, ag, ap, am (other: al, as)
  • Short e: ed, eg, en, et (other: es, eb, em, ep)
  • Short i: it, id, ig, im, ip, in (other: ix)
  • Short o: ot, ob, og, op, ox
  • Short u: ut, ub, ug, um, un, ud, up (other: up, us)


The vowel-blends are in red so your child can focus on elongating and making blending easier. Perfect for preschool through first grade!

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