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Precious Moments

Join Blog Contributor Cescelie Jelks as she talks about precious moments.

I admit to being one of those people who doesn’t like change. I tend to get to a comfortable spot and just want everything to stay the way they are. We all know that life doesn’t work that way. Everything undergoes change over time. I was reminded of this recently when the trees that I’d grown to love while growing up in the country were cut down.

I felt such a deep sadness about those trees being cut down. Those trees had been there since I was a child. I had never known a time in my life when they had been cut. I would walk for miles and see nothing but trees. They were a familiar sight to me. They felt like very old, very familiar friends.


As a child, I would go on nature hikes through the woods. We would have adventures just walking through the woods and marking the trees so that we could find our way back home. We never got lost. Our faithful, marked trees would watch over us and guide us safely back home. Now they have been cut down.

The entire landscape that I had known all my life has suddenly changed. I can barely recognize the place that I have known my entire life. It looks so different without the trees. I am also sad about the deer and other woodland creatures that have been displaced. I still have a small patch of trees behind my house and some of them have taken refuge there.

I saw a family of deer in my backyard a few days ago. They seem confused by the change in their roaming territory. The trees provided coverage and protection from hunters. Now, they have nowhere to hide.

The trees are not the only change that has made me feel a bit melancholy lately. I was looking back over some old family photos. There were family photos from a time when we were really close as a family. We would get together to celebrate holidays and birthdays. We used to have so much fun together. We didn’t have a lot of money but, we were rich in joy and laughter.

We would go to the dollar store and purchase a badminton set. Then, we would invite all of the community to come over for a day of fun competition. We would create teams and compete for the championship title. The day would usually end with something tossed on the grill and everyone would enjoy a meal before going home.


Those were the good old days. I realize it now. But, I didn’t know that while I was living in those precious moments. Looking back over those old family photos, I would give anything to have a simple day of badminton with the ones I loved. Most of the people in those photos have passed away. If I had known that half of my family would be gone so soon, I would have cherished those moments while I had the chance to enjoy their presence.

I guess the point that I am trying to make with this post is that everything eventually changes. The moment that you are living right now is precious. Make an effort to be fully present in this moment. Really see the people in your life and appreciate them. Make sure they know that they are loved by you. Open up your mouth and say the words that need to be expressed before it’s too late.

Forgive those who need your forgiveness. Let them know that they are forgiven.

I had a conversation with my mother today. I told her that I love her. I told her that I have a very strong willed daughter myself. It has helped me to understand what she must have felt when she was dealing with me as a strong-willed child. I am sure that I was not an easy child. I told her that I realize that she did the best she could with what she had been given.

Her own mother died when she was a toddler. She didn’t know anything about being a mother. She did the best she could with what she knew. I told my mother that she could be at peace with her past. I hold no grudges against her for not being a good mother. She is forgiven.


Change is inevitable. Embrace seasons of change. There will eventually be homes and families where my beloved trees once stood. The laughter of children will replace the peace and tranquility that I loved about country living. I am just grateful to be alive to witness the changes. I am happy to be able to share precious moments with my family.

Live in the moment folks. Each moment is precious because it’s all we’ve got. Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Don’t take the everyday moments for granted.  Each day is a gift! Take time to appreciate the people that you are blessed to share this life with. One day they will be gone and all you will have will be your memories of them. Enjoy the precious moments that happen every day.

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  1. I am very suddenly facing some changes I’m not comfortable with. This was a welcome post. I spoke to my children at Christmas about appreciating the small moments more because sometimes those memories are the most precious. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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