Praying for Your Husband

Moment of honesty and clarity… I am so bad about doing challenges, especially the ones involving any amount of days reading and doing any set thing.

Challenge to me pray for my husband, my kids, (heck) even myself for a certain amount of time… fail.

Challenge me to go a day without yelling at my kids… fail.

Challenge me to drink X amount of ounces of water a day (beyond my normal intake)… fail.

And definitely don’t challenge me to read, journal, and or meditate about anything pertaining to a book because I will… fail.

Although I somehow still find myself saying “sure” to Bible-based challenges, I am totally okay with knowing that nine times out of ten, I will not finish. What does that say about me? Probably a lot. But what I think speaks more is the fact that I can admit what I’m not good at, and what I am most likely not going to get better at… yet, at least. 🙂

So, what do I suggest in place of these “pray-for-your-husband challenges” that usually leave me with unfinished highlighted books, half-written in study guides, and a shelf full of barely touched journals??

Well, I go to the journals that are filled up with no pages left to write on. I remember the books that I actually do go back to time and time again because I remember the value it brought to my life at certain times. Most importantly, I keep in mind that there is no magic formula that I must follow in order for something to work in my life.

I was thinking about this because my husband has started experiencing some health-related issues. Nothing life-threatening that we know of, but there is definitely a change. We were up at 3am this morning talking, and he began pouring his heart out to me (I’ll save you the luscious details, LOL)… and then told me how he is having such a hard time sleeping, down to even breathing at times.

I’ve known this for quite a while, but what you also learn after being married for several years is that sometimes you just shut up and listen. So that’s what I’ve been doing… all while doing my part in the kitchen, attempting to whip up healthier meals and such…. But most of all, I’m listening so I know how and what to pray for over my husband.

Normally, I would get systematic with it and start to be Dr. Mom, make suggestions and requests, and maaaaybe begin to pray. Now… I go all in on prayer.

I don’t need a challenge. I don’t need a study group. I don’t even need a journal. Of course those are good things to have and they surely have there place; but, hear me out…

All I need is the determination to cover my husband in prayer and the rest will take care of itself. Isn’t that how everything works anyways? Determination is the driving force behind majority of what we [want to] do. So when it comes down to it, I just need the determination to do it and keep doing it. This has yielded the best results for me, not just in covering my husband in prayer, but in other areas of life as well!


CHIME IN: Are you successful at completing challenges, especially Biblical-based ones? Do you depend on, or need, extra incentives and/or accountability from groups, books, journals, etc.? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!!


Until next time, cover your man in prayer-

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  1. Katie

    I have the same personality as you in this regard. And I agree it is so very important to listen and pray, instead of advise. There is time for advice giving, but most of the time he just needs me to pray for him. Yah will do the rest.

  2. Heidi Cooper

    Well said! I just spent awhile last night praying for my husband and his job. No challenge required.

  3. Trema Minning

    I would like to say that prayer comes easy for me. I pray throughout the day. I pray for peace and quiet. I pray for family to get home safely. I pray his paycheck will be large enough for the week…but to say I honestly pray a thought out, meaningful, specific prayer, I do fall short. I blame it on the busy, hustle and bustle but it’s just me being lazy in my faith. Definitely, something I need to work on.
    Blessing to you and your husband’s health! <3

    1. Michelle

      I totally understand that! Thank you for the blessings. XO

  4. funso

    prayer is essential. 1 Thessalonians 5:17. thanks for the write up.

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