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Our weekly blog posts will bring you fresh, tried and true ideas that you can implement into your faith, family, and homeschooling journey. You will also catch glimpses into other homes through blog posts written by our team of Blog Contributors.


Bryan & Michelle are Messianic Torah Observant believers who believe in loving YHVH with all their soul and strength and raising children to follow the same path. You will find a variety of Biblical-based resources and suggestions to help you walk out a purpose driven life.


Strong marriages equals a strong family. And a strong family equals a strong influence in the world around us. This – as well as juggling a growing family, a thriving business, and homeschooling – is super important to the Huddlestons. Resources and information in this corner of the site will help you live a blessed family lifestyle.


Being one of most visited areas of our website, our homeschooling corner offers innovative tools and resources to help you homeschool easier and cheaper. Once you join our Subscriber List, you’ll unlock our Subscriber Freebie Library with hundreds of free resources from lesson plans to unit studies! We are also the founders of one of the only FREE online homeschool COOP programs!


Through our recently launched Huddleston Academy Live Academics, we offer live eCourses (starting January 2019), an eCourse archives, and Creation Exploration Classes! We also have a selection of Masterclasses for Moms to help you navigate the roads of parenting and homeschooling.


If you’re looking for reliable, reusable, and feasible curriculum resources and supplements, then we have you covered! Our shop has a variety of resources for little learners, the entire family, and in between. We are the creators of top-selling Hebrew language learning resources, as well as several published books written by Michelle Huddleston (available on Amazon).


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