Operation Homeschool Success: Parenting Styles

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been on a “styles” kick. You’ve probably heard of learning styles and homeschooling styles as being very important facets in home education – but what about the role that parenting styles play?

In our Facebook group, With the Huddleston’s Homeschooling Community, we started a two-week mission called Operation Homeschool Success. The idea behind this movement is to show just how eclectic each of our homeschools are and share information, wisdom, and knowledge that could help us along this journey. Each day a question is posted and we all share our experiences.

The question about the effects of parenting styles came to the table and a wonderful amount of responses sprang from it. Some mamas shared the importance of parenting styles in their home while another shared how embracing her children’s learning styles on top of her parenting style creates positive change in how she leads. (AMAZING THOUGHT!)

I did some research to better understand parenting styles and I started thinking about how it is just as important as all the other styles we talk about. In my book, Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom, I devote an entire chapter to learning and homeschooling styles because they are always in the spotlight. But what I’ve come to realize is that the way in which we parent is just as important – and a crucial piece of the puzzle in the picture of homeschooling successfully.

So what kind of parenting style do you mainly operate in? The brick wall parent who has to have total control with no bending… or the jellyfish parent who operates with no boundaries or expectations? Or how about the better-now-than-later parent who wants her child reading by age two? There are a few more to this list and I recommend reading about them here. Then, think about the way your children learn. Are you helping or hindering them by your parenting style? Does this compliment your homeschooling style?

We tackled all of these questions in my Facebook group and a lovely discussion video came from it too! It’s already on YouTube so go check it out, subscribe while you’re there (because I’m always adding valuable content to our channel), and share your thoughts about how parenting styles effect homeschooling!

If you’re new to homeschooling and have no idea about all these different styles, let alone how to implement them – I’d love to help you out! As your personal Homeschool Lifestyle Consultant, it is my desire to he

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Until next time, happy homeschooling y’all!

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