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Not Just Jewelry

Meet Diana. She is the creator behind the amazing Jewelry of the Vine, and this is her story.

Diana has made jewelry for a couple of years now, but her new Messianic line didn’t start until she visited a friend of like faith. It was then that the inspirations to create such unique pieces started to flourish. Diana says she began with pieces such as the Menora and the name of our Messiah, Yeshua.

During her journey from California to Arizona, she says the ideas really began to flow about the pieces of jewelry she could make for the Messianic community. “It didn’t strike me… the value a piece of jewelry… until a few weeks later,” says Diana. This value came to life as she began to wear one of her signature pieces, the Menora, every single day.

By wearing this, she was able to represent what she believes and physically show that she is set-apart from mainstream Christianity. Of course this came with the questions and comments like, “Are you Jewish? I didn’t know you were Jewish?” But Diana put it simply, “I didn’t want to combat them and try to explain the Messianic stance.”

Diana realized that her jewelry wasn’t just jewelry when she found herself in a comprising situation at her job. Long story short, because of the situation, she was faced with the choice of lying to save face or telling the truth despite the consequences. After pondering what to do, Diana woke up the next morning and put her Menora necklace on. She began questioning herself:

“What am I doing? What am I thinking? I’m putting the symbol of Yah on so everybody can know who I am and Who I stand on! And, I’m going to go and lie?”

It was in that moment that she felt convicted. Her necklace was the reminder from YHWH telling her that the truth is what she needed to do, regardless of the outcome. That piece of jewelry reminded her that she believes in, worships, follows, and trusts a Heavenly Father that will always protect her. So, of course, Diana told the truth and the situation worked in her favor!

Testimonies like this are what sets Diana’s line of jewelry apart.

“I praise Abba for giving me the talent to make jewelry that reminds me (and others) of Him. This is Him inspiring me to do it. It’s not just jewelry. It’s a statement of who you are, who you stand for, and it will convict you.”

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Diana and Jewelry of the Vine and will begin selling some of her signature pieces in our Shop! You can also connect with Diana to see (and purchase) more of her pieces across the following social media platforms (click the icons to be directed to her pages):

Interesting facts about Jewelry of the Vine:

  • most pieces can be made in different colors
  • most pieces are available in different sizes
  • the gold Menorah charm is made with 14ct gold plated beads
  • pieces range from $20 – $75

Diana is blessed by each and every piece of jewelry she makes, and even more blessed when they are sold into the hands of others. Prayerfully consider supporting her business (and ministry) by purchasing jewelry for yourself, your friends, and/or loved ones!


Until next time, blessings-




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