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Easing Into a New Homeschool Year

Easing Into a New School Year is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Kylie from Homeschool Families Network.

The new homeschool year is just around the corner. The anticipation and build up for homeschooling parents can be immense, especially for those that may not be all that far into their home education journey. After all, for many of us we have spent weeks, if not months planning what the new school year will bring to our homeschooling environment.

We’ve scoured booklists, thumbed through many curriculum catalogs and probably asked a million and one questions in our local online support group. Excursions have been all planned out to coincide with the various units of study that we have coming up.

Multiple orders have been placed for the all important books and that one new big curriculum piece that we feel certain is going to be a hit this year is here, hot in our hands, just waiting for the pages to be turned and the learning to begin.

So much love, care, thought and planning goes into preparing for a new year, that often the weight of this can become a burden, without us, the home educating parent, even realizing it. We are so excited by all the hard work and planning that when day one rolls around we simply want to dive in and do all the things.

Granted this approach may work if your children are super eager to get back to the books after a long summer break, but for many kids they need time.

Time to move on from the summer holidays and to allow them to take the back seat into days filled with more formal learning. Many children simply need to ease themselves gently back into a new school year. Click here to continue reading about Easing Into a New Homeschool Year.

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Kylie is a home educating mother of three, when she’s not learning alongside her kids she is researching, lesson planning and crafting units of work for the wider home education community and sharing them over at http://homeschoolfamiliesnetwork.com/





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