Looking for a New Approach to Homeschooling? Try THIS One!

Finding an Approach that Works

Finding an approach to homeschooling that works for you and your kiddos can get overwhelming at times. Trust me, as a mama who is homeschooling multiples, I totally get it. Attempting to sift through the many styles and methods may leave you dazed and confused. But don’t worry… let me help ease your worries (and stress).

After homeschooling for five years, I can finally say I’m okay with my not-so-ordinary homeschool. I decided on an approach that isn’t anything new. In fact, it is exploding in the homeschool community. It is super versatile and works with just about any and every style you can think of!

Whether you are on a traditional schedule, year-round homeschooling, or doing the four days a week type of schedule, the approach I want to pitch your way is one that fits it all. If you have a hands-on learner, this is perfect for them. If you have a bookworm, he or she will love this. If you struggle with creativity, this will help.

Perhaps you’ve already tried this approach before, or maybe you need a refresher… regardless, this is one that is a must-try. So if you are looking for a new to approach to homeschooling, keep reading to find out which one I highly recommend!


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  1. Ellie

    That would be great to incorporate into morning baskets (something new I think I’m going to try). =)

    1. Michelle

      Yaaass! I almost can’t survive without my morning basket! 🙂

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