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My Top 7 Must-Have’s for Labor & Delivery

You may have been able to deduce from previous posts that we are a homebirthing kinda family. So as we prepare for our third homebirth, I wanted to share my top seven must-have’s for labor and delivery.

Even if this labor and delivery goes just as fast as the last one (30 minutes from transition to holding baby), the items I talk about below will definitely come in handy!


I love music, and I love what it has added to my last two labor and birthing experiences. I don’t necessarily make a special playlist; however, I do have a couple of apps ready with music that I listen to frequently.

Last baby, I actually went through two days of prodromal labor… so every time it kicked in, I kicked on the music and allowed it to help me relax through the intense waves. Something that is pretty funny, though, is after a certain point of labor, the music has to go! LOL! But up until that point, it is definitely a relaxing and comforting aid for me.

A Warm Bath

It’s so funny how you can plan things out, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will happen exactly how you plan it. Case in point…. last baby, hubby started to run the bath water, only to deter to get ready to catch the baby!

I didn’t actually get in the tub until after the birth, but it was nice to have it there waiting for me and baby! Not sure how it will happen this time, but best believe there will be a warm bath involved!

Essential Oils

My go-to essential oils are lavender, geranium, and frankincense. There are lots of others that some mothers choose to incorporate; however, these three are good enough for me. Again, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be able to use them like I want to but to have them on hand is awesome.

I use lavender to support a calming atmosphere. Geranium is used on my abdomen to support a nice transition from birthing baby to birthing the afterbirth. Frankincense is used to “anoint” baby.

If you are interested to learn about the essential oil brand we use here. Psst… save $10 on your first order (you’re welcome)!


For my first homebirth, three years ago, our  midwife gave us a list of things to have prepared for her. On that list was no less than 10 towels. I laugh about that now because two births later and we have still yet to use even more than two.

Last birth we only used one… the one my husband wrapped in the baby in after he delivered him. Towels aren’t too far out of reach, but once the action starts, I’ll definitely have at least one in arms reach.

Cord Clamp/Tie

Cord clamps are a must for us when cutting the umbilical cord. We like to leave the cord unclamped until it has turned white and stopped pulsating. This lets us know that our baby has received all the blood and nutrients the placenta had to give.

I am strongly considering going the homemade tie(s) route as many of my homebirth mama friends have said not only is it sentimental to make for baby, but it is also less likely to snag on diapers, be bulky, and cause infection issues.

Maternity Pads

These are a must for sure! Yes, they are bulky. Yes, they remind me of boats. Never the less, they are needed for several days (sometimes even weeks). I am opting in for a couple boxes of Natracare because they have organic cotton cover, are perfume and plastic free, biodegradable, and made of natural materials.

Stretch Briefs

These are LIFE! At first, I didn’t know that these were washable and reusable! This time, I know better and will hang on to these awesome briefs! Basically, these are mesh panties made from nylon material. I’ll have at least 3-5 pair of these on hand.

Where to Find These Must-Have’s

There are several places you can find these items; however, I like to do all my shopping in one place. In His Hands Birth Supply is where I conveniently shop online for everything I mentioned above (except for items I have on hand at home). Ordering these items at least 4-6 weeks out will guarantee that you’ll receive them before the birth of baby!

This about sums up my “in-arms-reach” list of items I like to have on hand for my labors and deliveries. Keep in mind that there is preparing for baby to arrive (click here for that post), and there will be postpartum things to do as well.

CHIME IN: What are some of your must-have items for labor and delivery? Where do you purchase them? And, how do you prepare for your labor and delivery?

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  • Melissa

    Sounds great. Clary sage is said to keep the Labour going. I have way more underwear (mesh) that I dispose of lol. . .Luna pads.com has post birth washable pads.

  • Elisheva

    We used In His Hands birth kits too! =) All my labors have been really quick. With my last one it was about 25 minutes after my water was broken… so I’ve never really gotten to enjoy a nice ambient atmosphere with music. Many blessings on your third home birth!

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