Bridging the gap between multicultural homeschooling families.

Do a quick Google search for multicultural homeschooling, and the results are down right astonishing. There are pockets of organizations, groups, and associations that single out specific nationalities, but even then it is very few.

Homeschooling still has a very Eurocentric face, but did you know that homeschooling is growing at alarming rates among Hispanic and African American families? Also hidden in the shadows are the Asians and Native Americans – but they are there.

Especially for the latter two, there are slim to no homeschooling organizations, groups, or associations to support them.

That is a problem.

In our research for cultural homeschoolers, the few we found all shared similar needs and desires: the desire for better education, education that is rooted to their heritage, and racial equality.

From the article, Why Chinese parents are homeschooling their children –

“In the past decade, more and more parents like Zhang, unhappy with the public school system, have chosen an alternative path by home-schooling their children from a curriculum they describe as better suited for the development of young children.” Read the rest of Zhang’s story here.

From the article, The New Face of U.S. Homeschooling is Hispanic –

“Concern about school environment is the leading factor driving Hispanic families to homeschool, with 48 percent of Hispanic respondents in the NHES survey citing that as the most important reason for taking kids out of other educational options.” Read the rest of this article here.

From the article, The Radical Self-Reliance of Black Homeschooling –

“For VaiVai and many other black homeschoolers, seizing control of their children’s schooling is an act of affirmation—a means of liberating themselves from the systemic racism embedded in so many of today’s schools and continuing the campaign for educational independence launched by their ancestors more than a century ago.” Read more of VaiVai’s story here.

As reported by –

“I am sorry to say, but it seems that all Native American homeschool associations and support group sites have closed down. Some programs and curriculum resources remain.” See what they suggest here.

The other issue…

The other issue lies with cultural misrepresentation in curricula, resources, and teaching supplements.

Kuddos to companies and bloggers who attempt to give it a shot by offering bits and pieces of multicultural resources; however, despite their efforts, a lapbook here and a unit study there doesn’t quite cut it.

All this does is introduce children to “just another people group” without really showing them anything more. Not to mention, majority of these lessons start from a point in time that doesn’t do the nationality being taught any justice.

For example, children are usually introduced to the African American culture from a slavery point of view when in fact, they are much more than that. Native Americans are typically introduced through John Smith or the [falsely represented] Pocahontas, when in all actuality, they were a thriving people group before the mass genocide.

From California to Japan, and everywhere in between, more and more families are making the choice to homeschool. While this is a good thing, the sad reality is the lack of support for multicultural families.

Bryan and Michelle Huddleston know this all too well. With nationality roots branching from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, South Africa, Native American, and England – they can honestly say that their family is the face of multicultural homeschooling.

An organization you can relate to.

This is why an organization like More Than Minority™ is needed. Bryan and Michelle are making it their mission to bridge the gaps between multicultural homeschooling families, especially those deemed as “minorities.” They aim to erase that label and replace it with greatness.

More Than Minority™ is an organization that will bring cutting-edge, top-of-the-line events and services you can relate to – all to help you successfully homeschool YOUR WAY!

More Than Minority™ is changing the face of home education, showing that it is more diverse than ever before. This organization doesn’t seek to single out individual nationalities, rather unite them all under the commonality of home educating our children.

Your help is needed!

You can help normalize multicultural home education by sharing More Than Minority™, partnering/collaborating with us, or contributing to our organization. Until the official website is launched (January 2019), please use the form below, or our Facebook page for all correspondence.


More Than Minority™ is hosted its first annual Virtual Homeschool Conference for Multicultural Moms this past Spring 2019 with an incredible turnout of over 100 moms!

If you are interested in being a Sponsor, Vendor, and/or Speaker for future endeavors, please fill out the form below.