Hey Mompreneur! Do You Have A Business Plan?


A lot of mamas start a business with every intention to build it successfully and make money.

Another fact.

Not every mama who starts a business does so successfully, let alone makes a profit.

The problem?

The truth of the matter is the lack of business sense. I’ll be the first to admit that I was that mom. When I look back at every business venture I attempted, I had every good intention on it being able to pay some bills and afford some extra wants in life.

My first issue [and hardest to admit] was that I lacked the basics of knowing how to successfully start a business, let alone run one. The second issue [just as hard to admit] was not listening to my amazingly gifted husband.

Business sense, and all within, comes naturally to him. It’s genuinely a gift the Father has blessed him with. Because I have finally listened to him and come face to face with fixing my business sense, we are now seeing what a successful business looks like.

I know that not every mompreneur has a husband with business sense that comes natural (and a business of helping others have success in their business) – but that’s okay! You can still be successful with all the right tools and skills.

When it comes down to it, the difference between a successful business and the non are just a few key components. My husband, Bryan, says it best – “business is like science – there are elements and components that come together to get a desired result… there is some testing and there will be failures… and there will be results.”

How do you see failure?

Bryan also suggests that folks (ourselves included) ought to look at business failure from a perspective that is contrary to how we are told to see it. Instead of seeing business failure as a time to throw in the towel or call it quits, look at it as one step closer to figuring out what it is your are truly supposed to be doing.

He also said there are times when you are just so far off that you need to stop and do something else, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes failure in business can be traced back to those few key elements that were left out in the beginning, which was part of my issue. Believe it or not, it has taken me over a year to actually sit down and write out a real business plan.

I, like so many other business owning mamas, started off trying to fry big fish in a small pan. I wanted my own domain name, lots of content and resources to offer people, tons of blog posts, and bring in lots of income from the start.

All that did was get me off track from what I was supposed to be doing, spending countless hours creating content and resources, none of which profited much. That was until I started taking my husband’s business advice serious.

From setting a schedule that maximized my time to dealing with my lack mentality, I can truly say we have a successful business. I implement what he says and have not been ashamed of having to go back to the drawing board.

Who wants to backtrack?

Part of this includes some backtracking, but again – that’s okay.

Part of my backtracking has been to write a business plan. I looked for a business plan template that was simple, yet powerful, and I couldn’t find one that included everything I needed. If I could have put together a few [almost] good ones that I did find, I would’ve been set. But since I couldn’t, I made one!

The Business Plan Guide for Today’s Mompreneur is what came out of it. This is the perfect business plan guide for any mompreneur looking to get her business started on the right foot (or up to par in my case). It includes the following templates:

  • My business: your why, mission, purpose, vision, and goals + work hours tracker
  • Products & services: pinpoint exactly what they are
  • Market analysis: identify your audience/customers, what they need, how your product/service will help them, etc.
  • Sales & marketing: identify strategies and tactics to implement virtually & locally
  • Financial plan & budget: establish financial forecasts and requirements + the what and how you will achieve financial goals
  • SWOT analysis: identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Resources: list the resources NEEDED (not wanted) to run your business
  • Action plans: stay on top by getting things done

The templates in this guide will help you establish a business plan unique to you and your brand. The eight steps come together like a road map, helping you identify where you want to go and how you will get there.

This is a guide that will walk you through important aspects of your business. So, always keep it handy and make adjustments as needed.

Keep it simple. Keep it specific. And, keep it realistic.

The guide should be so resourceful that you refer to it regularly. Use it to compare your actual performance.

Be intentional and don’t chase the unimportant stuff (trust me, I did that for a long time).

Lastly, get the help you need to learn the skills necessary for making your business successful. If you’re looking for one-on-one support with getting your business started or analyzing the current condition of your business while walking away with a detailed plan of action to reach whatever goals you have set, then I highly recommend contacting my husband, Bryan.

I recommend him not only because he’s my husband, but because he knows what he is talking about. After doing what he advised, we have seen continual growth all throughout our business!

In the meantime, go snag your copy of The Business Plan Guide for Today’s Mompreneur and join my Mompreneur Mastermind inner circle email list for weekly emails to boost your business delivered straight to your inbox!

Plan for success!

83 thoughts on “Hey Mompreneur! Do You Have A Business Plan?”

  1. My husband is a businessman, too. I must say God left me outside when he handed out the business skills. I have yet to make any money. I am hoping that my books and ads will turn the corner someday soon. I want to get more followers first.

  2. I love to plan, but when trying to work on a new project it’s easy to run ahead and just dive in without all the proper planning. Great ideas and thoughts about the planning process!

    1. Awesome Anisa! You’ve already taken a super important step and that’s ADMITTING that you NEED a business plan! The second is declaring that you want to be successful! Hope to see you in my 14-day Business Planning Bootcamp! XO

        1. Okay, I signed up for the bootcamp. It says it starts in 22 days? Is it a live online class, or more of a go-at-your-own-pace type class, because I’m leaving for China about then and will be gone for five weeks. I was hoping to work on it before that.

  3. You make such great points. I have thought of some things for my business plan but not all the details that you have laid out. Definitely, need to take a look at this again.

  4. I love how well thought out the templates are. This is a perfect idea for mamas trying to branch out their blog, or other business.

    1. Thanks Kayla!! I created the templates attempting to leave no stone unturned (as I say it). So when putting together the Business Planning Bootcamp, I wanted to be sure that Mompreneurs walked away totally confident in their ability to successfully run their business, smashing EVERY goal they set! :o)

  5. This is so cool! Love the idea of the 14-day boot camp! Really helps to get all the information, support and resources! Definitely something I’d consider in the future!

  6. This is some really great advice on how to kill the business that you are making for yourself. I know that it can be overwhelming – but this is such a great starting point!

  7. This is such a great and encouraging post! The templates look like a great way to get and stay organized throughout the year! I’ll be a New Mompreneur as we are expecting our first little one in just a few months!

  8. This was very helpful. Today I became very sad and almost in tears thinking I can’t do this. I never did a business plan. I will sit down this weekend and try to come up with one.

  9. Wow! Such an amazing blog post to read! It may be thinking for the business plan too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this.

  10. A business plan is the easiest way to stay on track!! It can totally get overwhelming quickly, especially if you have a little one. Thanks for sharing your encouragement! 🙂

  11. I absolutely adore this! I have 2 friends that I think would benefit from this planner (plus me!) that I’m going to buy for. Love the affirmations that go along with them – very positive way of working.

  12. Having a guide for your business plan is such a helpful tool. It can be intimidating to start a new biz, but if you do some work up front, such as creating your biz plan, you have a better chance of succeeding.

  13. This is amazing. I don’t call myself a mompreneur, even if I started my first business because I wanted to stay home while rising my kids. For the last 17 years, I’ve been my own boss, my home is my office and I fully support my family. It feels great!

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