Choosing Middle & High School Electives

Choosing Middle & High School Electives is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Yvie from Homeschool On The Range.

Electives are an excellent way to delve into topics and interests – no matter how strange they seem – in your child’s middle and high school years.  There’s your typical shop and home economics, but also specifics like aviation or hieroglyphs.

Think back… when else did you have so much freedom to explore? As homeschooled teens, the world is their oyster!

With homeschool electives, your child has an opportunity to delve further into any topic – from cake decorating to soldering electronic components – to explore what this world has to offer. They might use a class as an authentic exploration (maybe they don’t even know what fencing is, and want to learn).

Or, they might simply use an elective class to further explore what they already know they love… and appreciate having one ‘easy’ class to balance out what could be a tough workload. (This could definitely be the case in 10th or 11th grade, when high school gets very difficult!)

Elective classes give students a chance for career exploration, too.  Your student may discover that he doesn’t really want to be a veterinarian after all… or that he loves to write!

One aspect of elective classes that is somewhat-unique to homeschooling is the opportunity to go out in the field for real-world lessons. Got a student who is interested in being a geologist? Hook up with an organization like the Oil & Energy Resources Board for a free field trip or two with a seismic or petroleum geologist.

Granted, some public and private schools offer these field trips, but not at the one-on-one level of instruction that your child will receive through homeschooling.

In today’s post, we’ve put together an A to Z list of middle and high school homeschool elective opportunities that should give you a jumping off point for years of exploration… check it out here.
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