All unit studies we have currently put together are in alphabetical order below. Don’t see what you are looking for? Put in a request and I’ll see what I can do for you! Happy homeschooling!
Prep Ideas:

  • Visit the websites below and bookmark them.
    • An easy way to store online websites is to create a Homeschool Folder. Within that folder, create a sub-folder titled Unit Studies. If you want to get more technical, create sub-sub-folders by subject (for example, “Ocean Animals” or “Plants”).
  • Visit your public library and notate resources they have that you can check out and use.
    • Also check to see if they have any activities or events that match what you’re studying.
  • Make a list of materials that will be needed for activities (price checking is a great way to ensure you have any funds needed to purchase materials).
    • Keep it frugal by using items found around the home. If you’re looking into purchasing items, go for the reusable supplies!
  • Decide how long you will do the unit study.
    • Unit Studies can last a week or even a month. It’s totally up to you.
  • Put it in action and have fun!

All About Me (and My Family)

All About Me is an awesome unit study because it can be stretched across various subjects and for an extensive amount of time. Not to mention, it can be used for years – from preschool to the later elementary years!

Virtual Stories:

All About Me PreK-K pack (
All About Me Booklet (Playful Learning)
All About Me Unit (for grades 3-5 by Tristen Dixon)
All About Me Pennant Banner (Kim Miller)
All About Me Notebook (
All About Me Books, Songs, & Activities (
My Family Sensory Bin activity (
My Family Tree & Interviews
We are Family Lesson Plan (
We Are Family Social Studies unit (

Below are some videos that are valuable at enhancing understanding about self and families:

Bible Themed Unit Studies

In this section you’ll find a few unit study resources that will help you plan for teaching about creation days, Biblical feast days, fruit of the spirit, and more!

Creation Days

Creation days are can be super fun and easy to teach! Use the resources below to help introduce, teach, and instill God’s Word to and in your children!

Note for teaching older kiddos: While some of the activities are geared towards early childhood and elementary levels of learning, middle/high grade children can still participate by helping create some of the activities that will be used by the little ones. 

Christian Preschool Printables
Creation Pre-K Pack (
In My World Below are the clickable links to each of her days, activities, printables, etc.:

Creation Scavenger Hunt 
Paper Plate the Days of Creation
(It Happens in a Blink)
Creation Video

Feast Days

Biblical Feast Day Word Search (Bible Pathway Adventures)
Rosh Hashana for Kids
Passover Crafts
Sukkah Coloring Posters for Teens & Adults (Beyond the Balagan)
Passover Videos for Kids (All Done Monkey)
10 Passover Freebies for Kids (Kosher on a Budget)
Shavuot Coloring Pages (Our Jewish Education)
Feast of Trumpets Coloring Pages
Children’s Books about Rosh Hashana (All Done Monkey)

YouTube Videos/Channels for Learning about Feast Days:

Homeschooling Torah
Messianic Torah Observant Israel

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit Printables
Fruit of the Spirit Devotional for Kids
Activities and Crafts
Fruit of the Spirit Bible Quiz (Bible Pathway Adventures)

Sabbath Keeping

Ways to Honor Shabbat
Shabbat Songs for Kids

Cells (Plants, Animals, Humans)

This unit study is for the middle elementary school grades and up. It involves a combination of interactive online teaching, printouts, and videos. I plan to teach on plant, animal, and human cells together because it could make for interesting learning!

There are a few suggestive studies that specify books that they used to teach from; however, they noted that we could use whatever books we wanted. We will be using the following Usborne books: Illustrated Dictionary of Science, Science Encyclopedia, and Introduction to Genes & DNA.

Plant and Animal Cell Learning Pack ( Note: We will be using a couple of Usborne books, but you can always use the public library to check out some great and compatible books as well!
Cell Organelles Structure and Function Interactive Notebook Activity FREEBIE (Science from the South)
Human Cell Coloring Page  (Crayola)
Plant and Animal Cells Highlight (Ally Kowalski)
Human Body: Learning About Cells (

Below are some links to some great videos about cells:


Although studying the farm can be done any time of the year, I have found that doing it during harvest season allows for more interactive learning by visiting actual farms and dairy bars. It also creates a smooth transition into other unit studies such as a Fall season unit study, weather, or another kind of animal-type of study (such as zoo animals or pets).

NOTE: If you are following our Toddler 2’s Curriculum, this unit study would plug in perfectly for Week 9.

Farmer in the Dell coloring sheets (DLTK)
Fun Farm Kit (
Exploring Weight on the Farm ( Life Over C’s )
Measuring in Farm Units (a ruler game) (
Pig Tails Color Sorting (
Fun Preschool Farm Acitivities (
Horse Book
Down on the Farm Pre-K Learning Pack (
Investigating Seeds (
Tractors [and other farm equipment] (
Farm Unit (
Picture Word Cards
List of Farm Books
Sensory Table Activity

Here’s a list of videos perfect for a farm unit:


Landforms can be a pretty amazing study. This is another topic that we will be visiting while learning about the creation days. This important creation is one of the other major ones that took place on the third day, so this unit study can be intermingled to go with Seas/Oceans and Grass/Fruit Trees.

Landforms Chart (
Geographical Features printable (Procrastination Station)
Landforms Interactive Notebook Pack (
Landform Freebie (
Edible Landform Activity (
Diorama Project  (
Sand Castle Puffy Paint Art (
Desert Dough (
Landforms Memory Game (
Landforms (

Awesome videos about landforms:

Ocean Animals

Ocean animals can go on and on and on FOREVER, LOL! However, we focused on a few ocean animals in our unit study. This is also a study that can be stretched out over the course of several weeks because there are so many animals that can be found in the ocean. Remember that you can always stretch a unit study across several subjects!

The ocean animals we have studied, or plan to study are:

  • Sharks
  • Sea Turtles
  • Whales
  • Dolphins
  • Crabs
  • Schools of Fish (herring, tuna, sand eel, etc.)
  • Jellyfish

The following are YouTube videos that are awesome to compliment an ocean animal unit study:

Ocean Animals (Teachers Pay Teachers)
Ocean Animals (Bible Studies & Scripture Writing) (3 Boys and a Dog)
Ocean Animals Lapbook The Homeshool Scientist.
Colorful Printables (Natural Beach Living)

Books that I use, and others I recommend, for this unit study are:

  • My Little Animal Book (purchased at Walmart)
  • Usborne’s The Great Animal Search
  • Oceans by Johnna Rizzo
  • Animals Called Fish by Kristina Lundblad and Bobbie Kalman
  • Sea Turtles by Laura Marsh
  • Sharks by Ian Boyd
  • An Ocean of Animals by Janine Scott

We made an aquarium that goes perfect with this unit study. You can add to it with each new ocean animal studied!

Plants Galore

I plan to use this unit for all things plant related. Seeds, grass, leaves, flowers, gardens, and so on! This will probably be one of our biggest units. The layout will be a tad bit different in order to categorize it. . . that way, you can scroll down to whatever subtopic you prefer for easier use. Just add a .com to the end of what’s in parenthesis to go to their website, or click on the title to go directly to what is listed.


Plants (Flowers)

Trees & Leaves


Other Ideas related to Plants



This particular unit study will focus just on the sea and the ocean as in the body of waters alone (not including animals in the sea). Animals of the sea will be highlighted in the Ocean Animals unit study. I have separated the two because we are going through the creation days for the first several weeks of the school year. When Yahweh (God) called forth the “waters under the heavens to be gathered into one place” and called “the collection of waters sea” (Genesis 1:9-10), it was in the third day along with two other major creations (which will have their own unit studies that will go hand-in-hand with this one). He had not yet created “great sea creatures and every living being that moves, with which the waters teemed, according to their kind” until the fifth day (Genesis 1:20-21).

Now that you have an idea of where I am coming from for this particular unit study, let’s dive in to some awesome things I’ve found that come together for one neat study!

Land and Water form cards
Water & Landform anchor chart (
Salt Water (
Layers of the Ocean (

Below are a list of websites for ocean/sea-related coloring pages:



Seasons can be incorporated into every area of study. This is another topic that we will be visiting a lot since our homeschooling calendar flows through all four.

Nature Walk Ideas & Simple Play (Nurture Store: Creative Kids Learning) Here are more resources from Nurture Store: Creative Kids Learning that I highly recommend:

Four Seasons (123 Homeschool 4 Me)
4-seasons tree book (A Little Pinch of Perfect)
Free Printable Weather Chart
Fall sensory bags (Kids Play Box)
10 Hands-On Weather Science Experiments for Kids (I Game Mom)

Videos about seasons:

Seasons of the Year (a catchy song 🙂 )
Four Seasons in the Year
Seasons & Weather (for older kids)