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Do You Love the Homeschool Season You’re In?

I don’t consider myself a pro homeschooling mom at all, but what I do have are close to six years of homeschooling experience, growing to a family of six in the process, and growing a thriving home-based business. There’s no question that I have needed help (and still do) along the way. I don’t think that will ever cease. And honestly, I hope it never does.

This is why I would like to share ways to love the season you are in, because let’s face it… homeschooling itself is a season. And as with any season there are storms to weather. Sometimes it’s rainy to the point of a flash flood. Sometimes it’s sunny to the point of heat exhaustion. And other times the weather is just perfect.

Regardless of where you find yourself in your current season of homeschooling, know that help is always there. Keep reading about 3 steps to help you love the season you are in over on My Joy-Filled Life. You’ll be inspired and empowered to continue with confidence on your unique journey as a homeschooling mom! And don’t forget to connect with me through the comments!

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