The matters surrounding marriage can be anything from learning how to cleave to your spouse to dealing with much deeper issues involving divorce, remarriage, and everything in between.

Learning how to live, love, and survive with another person is no easy task. Any two people who have been married for years on end will tell you that it takes work. It takes every bit of the fruit of the Spirit. And it takes wisdom and understanding.

Praying for your spouse

This seems like an easy task, sure enough. But what about those moments when praying for your spouse is the last thing you want to do? Even still, PRAY! In this blog post, Michelle talks about praying for her husband but the same can be true if you are a husband praying your wife.

What if I mess up?

News flash – mess ups are GOING to happen! Yep. They will. Why? Because we are human and not perfect. We say things before thinking. We do things sometimes out of spite. It happens. But when you mess up, you can make it right. In this blog post, Guest Blogger Krissy shares about a green bean episode that helped her see through the eyes of the Father because of one simple mess up.

There’s so much to balance!

If you are a spouse, and you work, and you have children – then yeah, you already have quite a bit that you’re juggling. Good news is that there are ways to balance all of them and more. Don’t think of balance as in both ends of the scale having the same measurement. Instead, think of every area of life having it’s proper measurement. There are times when more time and energy is put into your marriage… other times, more energy is needed for parenting… and other times, perhaps work needs a little more attention. In this blog post, Guest Blogger Ruth shares how to live intentionally while balancing marriage, parenting, work, homeschooling, and traveling!

I don’t know how to help my spouse.

Yep, been there. A lot. And will probably be there again before it’s all said and done. You may find yourself in a situation where you aren’t quite sure how to help your spouse. It could be through an addiction, an issue with work, or a number of other things. Regardless, there are ways you can help your spouse even when you don’t know what to do. In this blog post, Michelle shares practical and powerful ways to help you spouse in those iffy and unsure moments.

I’m sick and tired of the arguing!

My husband and I learned early on in our marriage how to turn disagreements into what we call GO MOMENTS – in other words, growth opportunity moments. Instead of allowing our disagreements turn into full blown arguments and yelling matches, we decided to surrender our wants and focus in on what we both needed, especially in the GO MOMENTS. In this blog post, Michelle shares how your marriage can be strengthened by really getting to the foundation of the arguments, and provides you with a FREE PRINTABLE!

The spark is gone.

The spark can only leave a marriage if you let it. There are things two people must actively do to maintain a relationship. If one person is doing all they can with no reciprocation from the other, it will be hard to keep the spark. However, if both people in the marriage are actively trying to stay on the same page, then that spark will never die out. In this blog post, Michelle shares practical advice about keeping the spark in your marriage.