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Is Learning a Foreign Language Really Worth It?

Believe it or not, there are people who actually question if learning a foreign language is really worth it. It’s actually not a bad question to ask. When we get comfortable in our immediate environment and used to the culture, why would you learn a foreign language? I believe that it is beneficial to learn any foreign language, but there is one that I know without a doubt will change your life.

The foreign language in which I speak of is Hebrew. Contrary to popular belief, this is the language that started it all. Of course it started in a much different form than the Hebrew we read and speak today; however, it still stands as the language the Most High God (YHVH) chose for His people. Here are three reasons why I believe you should consider learning the beautiful Hebrew language:

Learning Hebrew gives your cultural understanding a boost.

There are over 7 billion people living on earth! That means there are a lot of languages and cultures out there, but there is only one that started it all – Hebrew. Learning the Hebrew language will bring the Most High God (יהוה) of the Bible, and its writers, to life by giving your family a deeper understanding behind the translated words we read in English.

Linguistic relativists even argue that they way we see the world is shaped by the language we use. How awesome would it be to gain a deeper insight into how the people of ancient biblical times saw the world? Also intertwined within understanding the Hebrew culture is a microscopic view of traditions that helped shape the language. Simply put, learning Hebrew will also help you understand the world (and Word) more deeply.

Learning Hebrew can boost your child’s abilities in their native language.

It used to be said that children would get confused learning a second language. Now, research is showing that children who study a foreign language enhance their native spoken language. My husband and I are actually witnessing this with our 2-year-old son! It is also proven that children start reading earlier. This simply proves that it is easier for children to acquire a foreign language.

Children are little sponges, right? So when it comes to being exposed to a foreign language, they are able to retain the ability to distinguish foreign sounds (pretty cool, huh?). Through the age of about 8-years-old, children can learn to speak a second language with fluent grammar and without an accent. Not to mention, once you’ve learned one foreign language, it gets easier to learn others.

Learning Hebrew is FUN!

Besides the developmental benefits, learning another language (especially Hebrew) is fun! There’s a joy that comes from being able to speak the language of the Creator, and communicate with others who can speak the same native language. Part of the fun of learning Hebrew is discovering the differences in how people look at the world.

At this point you’re probably wondering where to start… Below are several reliable resources that my family and I have personally used/currently use and recommend:

  • Huddleston Academy Live Academics offers Beginner Hebrew courses for High Schoolers to adults (as well as Spanish and Canadian French)!
  • The Kefar, started by T’helah in 2012, is another great resource for both Hebrew and Torah learning. She offers Hebrew courses, educational resources, and children’s books. We love her YouTube videos!
  • We also offer a wide range of Hebrew Language resources that can used alone or compliment any Hebrew language learning program you choose. One of our best-selling resources (Hebrew Aleph Bet Handwriting Practice Workbook) just got an upgrade and is now available on Amazon! See some of our Hebrew resources live here!

Don’t wait!

In hindsight, you may question the perfect time to start learning a foreign language. The time is now!

CHIME IN: Are you and/or your family currently learning a foreign language? If so, which one? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Tanya Lanice Rogers

    My children actually speak modern Hebrew as we lived in Jerusalem for 4 years and they attended local schools. My issue now with being back in the US and homeschooling is in accessing resources to keep their language levels up. Do you know of any advanced modern hebrew resources?

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