I have a confession… my early years of homeschooling were not so lovely. I naturally expected a learning curve, but looking back on it, I realize that I had lots of exhausting ups and downs.

At the time we were only planning to homeschool one child (with one on the way) and anticipated having more. The though of being with our children and experiencing all that life had to offer seemed awesome. I also felt like I had the “one up” because I was coming home from being a brick and mortar Early Childhood Educator. I quickly realized that my “classroom tactics” were not going to work for my evolving home school.

On top of that, our skeptical extended family made sure to voice their concerns and doubt my ability to teach our son (and future children) plus question the hot but misunderstood topic of socialization. We did end up with three more additions to our family making time seem even more stretched and homeschooling efforts feel more behind.

Simply put, up until recently I lacked the experience in:

  • knowing how to be confident in our choice to homeschool our way
  • thriving as a growing family of six (especially our marriage)
  • knowing how to teach each of our children with their unique personalities and learning styles

I wasn’t thriving, I was surviving. I hit rock bottom several times – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do you see where I’m going? I reached the point of being exhausted, overwhelmed, and confused.

In the beginning of this journey, I didn’t know there were actual Homeschool Strategists, Advisors, and Mentors who had made it their desire and mission to help homeschooling moms like me. Don’t get me wrong, there are homeschool veterans out there who would always answer a question if asked… but the intimidation of admitting you need help is enough strain. So here’s my question to you:

Do you need a homeschool advisor/mentor?

There is something about having the advice and support of someone who is willing to link arms with you, be transparent, and help you on your homeschool journey. Learning from others’ experiences can help eliminate years of doubt and confusion.

One of my greatest desires as an aspiring long-hauler homeschool mom of four is to encourage other moms through real, down to earth fellowship and connection. That is one of the main reasons behind my husband and I launching With the Huddlestons. We saw the need for a support community for today’s Generation X/Millennial homeschooling families.



I am inviting you to join my advising and mentoring group.

I read the emails, messages, Facebook posts, and reviews… and I see the need for homeschool moms having an advisor and mentor they can trust. That’s why I created a small group coaching program.

Jumpstart Express (for short) will help you identify your why and give you targeted, personal help to figure out how to make your homeschool mesh with your family’s unique dynamic and lifestyle. You will get the tools that will lead you to concrete solutions. We will tackle everything from establishing your homeschool blueprint and identifying your various styles (parenting, learning, and homeschooling) to choosing curriculum, planning your day, and homeschooling multiple children. Jumpstart Express will take place in a community where you’ll be surrounded with like-minded mom’s all on a mission to gain some clarity, control, and perspective for your homeschool experience.

Jumpstart is an all online program with weekly live videos, a downloadable workbook, complimentary progress journal, member-only (password protected) page on my website, and private Facebook group for Jumpstart members to connect and discuss the weekly modules! Bonuses include: 30-minute private follow-up session (via phone or video), unlimited email and messaging support for duration of program, and lifetime access to all videos, modules, and materials!



The layout has been created to make this program run as smoothly as possible. The program is just one month long and packed with my best tips and strategies for jumpstarting your homeschool journey – no matter how long you’ve been doing it. This is an exclusive advising and mentoring program offered only four times a year with the next session starting July 1st. I am accepting new members until June 30th so don’t delay in securing your spot. After July, the next session won’t be until November!

The cost is only $100

for one month of personalized advising and mentoring (+ the BONUSES)!

See what others are saying about this program:

“This program has really helped me with my goals, our lifestyle focus, and my mindset in regards to homeschooling! It has been wonderful connecting with other moms in our little private FB group. They really get where I’m currently “at” and are helping me move past the blockages. I didn’t even realize some of the blocks were there until I began going through Michelle’s workbooks! Her homeschooling book (a total encouragement to my mom/teacher heart) has been a game changer. I have been homeschooling for 5 years and recommend it to both new and seasoned homeschoolers.” – K. Scoon, homeschooling Mom of 3

“SO WORTH IT!!!! Just coming into Week 2 and I have already had so much help and support. It does require some deliberate thought and it may challenge you, but in a GOOD and NECESSARY way. It’s completely worth it and a great investment.” – C. Jula, homeschooling Mom of 4



Space is LIMITED so secure your SPOT NOW, click HERE.

If you’d like more information to see if this program is right for you, schedule your FREE DISCOVERY call HERE.


My life can get a little busy, what if I can’t be engage in the online stuff?
That’s okay! The course is designed so you can access it at your convenience. You will receive lesson reminders and encouragement to your email, and while you are going to get a lot of value in the online component (conversation starters, challenges, and FB live videos, etc.), it is possible to get the foundation of the course without being engaged in the online group.

Is this program spiritual in nature?
As a spiritual homeschool mom, you will get my unfiltered, passionate, and enthusiasm for the God I serve (the Most High, YHVH). He and His ways play a BIG part in my life, especially homeschooling. This group is not closed to secular homeschooling families by any means, but I do want you to be aware that I will be sharing my testimony, involving Scripture and meditation, praying for you, and going all in with my faith.

What sets this course apart?
I come from a place of vulnerability by keeping it real and sharing things about my journey that most would keep hidden. Together we will embark on a journey that trumps mom guilt, comparison traps, and mindset hiccups so we can be inspired to go deeper, try harder, and live unapologetically authentic. This can be seen as a type of devotional/women’s encouragement group.

Why is this program so cheap?
This is part of my ministry and calling. It is my desire to help as many moms as possible walk unapologetically in their calling to homeschool and live a lifestyle that accommodates their family’s unique dynamic. I don’t want cost to stand in the way of someone having a breakthrough they desperately need!

What if I want to continue beyond the four weeks? 
If you love the group and want to continue, you will have the option to go forth with a discounted rate. You may also want to consider private, one-on-coaching as well.

Do you have a money-back guarantee? 
While I typically do not offer this, I am willing to refund you half of your cost. The only thing I ask is that you give this program a try for at least 14 days. Upon completing those two weeks, if you are still unsatisfied with the program, I will refund you half of the cost. Simply email a copy of your receipt and I will get your refund processed as soon as possible.

Will I have access to materials after the program ends?
YES! As a Jumpstart member you will have lifetime access to the videos, modules, and material! Just remember the password to always have access to your session’s private page. In the event it changes, you will be notified by email. I simply ask that you do not share the page, videos, or downloadable material with others but instead send them to this page so they can take advantage of this amazing program too!