You’re ready to homeschool, but. . .

not sure where to start… what is required of your state… how to get all the proper documentation… nervous about meeting requirement deadlines… unfamiliar with learning and homeschool styles… not mentally prepared for the change in family dynamic – the list goes on, am I right?





If starting your homeschooling journey hasn’t been easy, believe me, you aren’t alone.

I’ve been there. I get it. It’s so easy to let subconscious beliefs and judgments hinder your vision of successfully homeschooling – not to mention, the fear of the unknown and people telling you what you should do.

Here are a few signs that you’re hindered in starting your homeschool journey-

Taking control of your child’s education

Creating an environment your child can thrive in

Taking consistent action

Opening the world of learning possibilities

Having confidence in your choice to homeschool

Connecting with other Moms just like you

Allowing your child to flourish through his/her strengths

Living unapologetically authentic


I remember feeling these ways too!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed because I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I didn’t have a support system beyond my husband. I never truly felt confident in the decision to homeschool our children in the first place.

There were so many things that I was unfamiliar with. I didn’t know anyone else in my town who homeschooled. The thought of joining a homeschool group felt intimidating. And looking at the to-do list almost made me question what in the world I was getting myself into.

Deep down you know if homeschooling is the journey you need to take.

You know in your heart what is best for your child(ren).

But you’ve struggled with actually taking the step because of the mental box you’ve placed yourself in. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there.

Once I got clear on our homeschooling mission and goals, that was just the beginning. I still struggled with trusting myself with our children’s education, understanding learning styles, and choosing curriculum. The thought of it all  tried to keep me paralyzed.

It wasn’t until I mastered the mindset of creating a successful homeschool using our family’s values, morals, and beliefs that I began to feel confident. I found self-worth and purpose to homeschool my way – unapologetically.



If You Know You Could Benefit From

Getting clear about your mission and goals, getting focused, letting go of the comparison, discovering what really works for your family, tools to help you homeschool successfully, and accountability – keep reading friend…

You are the reason I created the Jump Start Your Homeschool Journey coaching program.






Just some of the experiences I’ve had confidently homeschooling my way:

Smooth transitions between grades

Less hectic teaching moments

Learning is considered fun instead of boring

Kids are excited about learning new things

Milestones reached by realistic goal setting





This is an 8-module program with group coaching calls every other week, with a BONUS 1 hr VIP session, and BONUS free copy of my book Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom.

Your investment: $500

Minus $100 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (limited time offer)!



What you get in the Jump Start Your Homeschool Journey
group coaching program:



The Jump Start Your Homeschool Journey group coaching program is where like-minded moms who are ready to step into their call to homeschool, join together to work on their mindset and unlock limiting beliefs that are keeping them hindered from successfully homeschooling.


I invite you to jump on this path with me so you can get a jump start on your homeschooling. Don’t continue wasting time pondering the hundreds of questions that can talk you out of doing what is best for your family. Don’t continue letting the limiting beliefs and fear of the learning curve keep you from giving your children the best possible life academically, physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Journey Details

The investment for this program is $500 for two months of group coaching.

You can access the program during EARLY BIRD signup for a $100 FAST START BONUS.

1 payment of $400 or 2 payments of $200





As an added BONUS…

I want to give you a one-month Elite Membership subscription and a special discount to my Frugal Mom’s Guide to DIY Curriculum Planning Masterclass.

As an exclusive member of my community you will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive curriculum resources (not available on our website or shop), a generous 25% off coupon, weekly live videos, and priority status.

For some homeschooling moms, their choice of curriculum means putting one together themselves. Because this is a rising trend, and I also do this myself, I have put together a detailed masterclass that gives you the tools to put together a curriculum that fits your homeschool perfectly. Enjoy 50% OFF once you are in the Jump Start Your Homeschool Journey inner circle!


Do you want an UPGRADE to a PRIVATE program?

You get everything a Jump Start group member receives above, plus:

Upgrade to 2 private 90 min sessions with me (1 session per month)
One FREE copy of the homeschool planner I use – The Focused Homeschool Teacher Planner

Investment $750 (25% off for a limited time)

Schedule a free discovery call with me to see if the private upgrade is right for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the group coaching calls? The group Coaching calls are typically held on Thursday evenings.

Can I ask questions about other aspects of homeschooling? Yes please ask questions in general about homeschooling. This program is meant to be a mix between helping you start homeschooling with ease as well as other aspects of successfully homeschooling in general.

To what extent will you help me in jump starting my homeschool? I specifically work with homeschooling moms who are looking to have the utmost homeschooling success. I help women in the areas of combing through legalities, establishing a thriving mindset, creating a successful environment, and laying content groundwork. However, I am not a Homeschool Assistant and I will not build portfolios, keep/record grades, nor serve as a liaison between your homeschool and your state’s Department of Education.

Is this program about all aspects of homeschooling? No, this program focuses heavily on the development of a clear homeschooling plan in reference to mission statement building, realistic goal setting, mindset work, understanding learning & homeschooling styles, curriculum research, and prepping for the first day. The clearer we get about that aspect of homeschool planning, the clearer we can get on with the rest that comes with the journey. We will focus on establishing clear plans of action as it applies to your homeschool. You will also have ample time to tackle the strategic side of creating a homeschool that accommodates your lifestyle so you can get on with doing other things that you love.

Will I still have access to the material after the 8 week program is over? Yes, you will have access to the program modules for life! If you would like to continue coaching with me after the 8 weeks, I have continued support options available.

Is this a 1:1 program? No this is a hybrid model. I do provide a monthly complimentary 20-30 min check-in. There will be actual 1:1 coaching on the group coaching calls, but this is not a private 1:1 program. If you’d like more information on a private coaching package, feel free to look over the upgrade details above. Schedule a session here

What do I need in order to be prepared for the modules, workbooks, and group coaching calls? In order to be prepared for the group coaching calls please be sure to go through the modules and worksheets in the order that it is presented in the program. When you come across information that you would like help implementing you can bring those concerns and questions to our group coaching calls. We use the plaform for video call. Please have a google account because I create each member their very own google docs folder to keep up on the work you are doing within the program.

Can I get access to 1:1 sessions with you? Yes, as a coaching client you can get access to 1 hour private sessions with me at a discounted rate.

What forms of communication can I engage with you? All communication happens in the private FB group through the accountability thread. I may send you a private message on Facebook or through email but the FB group is the best way to communicate with me. I will be providing my personal cell-phone number for text message access  for those who upgrade to private work. Replies are typically within a 48 hour window.

How can I get the most out of this program? You can get the most of this program by showing up ready to get what you need. That means sharing your goals in the group, allowing us to hold you accountable, showing up to the coaching calls with your questions and concerns, uploading your workbooks to the Facebook group files section (optional) and the google doc files for me to review and give you feedback and filling out your welcome packets in full.