A Method That Can Work With Any Teaching and Learning Style

For many homeschoolers, August means the start of a new school year. This also means scrambling to put the finishing touches on curriculum, lesson plans, supplements, the “school area”, and so on.

Up until a year ago, I tried to make sure all my ducks were in a row, not realizing that I was leaving out one of the most important steps. This step is not one that I considered beforehand, and looking back on it, it’s no wonder I was met with some of the challenges I faced.

Not saying that these challenges stopped once I figured out what I was missing; however, it did help alleviate some of the natural stress that comes with homeschooling… or teaching at all, for that matter.

After talking to other homeschooling moms, I realize that this step isn’t something we naturally consider. It usually comes after tried and failed attempts, set backs, lots of curriculum changes, and pools of shed tears (by mom and kids). But now that I’ve taken a long, hard look at it for me and my family… it has helped put a lot into perspective.

The step I am talking about is understanding your children’s learning style and your teaching style. Knowing these two things can make a huge difference in the way you homeschool. It can also help you identify reasons why a certain curriculum may not have worked, or why something seemed difficult to understand.

Once learning and teaching styles have been identified, it can then become easier to pinpoint a method that can cohesively bring the two together. While there are many methods floating around out there, I came up with my own last year. It’s not that I didn’t want to take the time to search through what others have mapped out… honestly, I just wanted something super simple.

In walks what I call IR3. You can find this in the Homeschool Corner under Our Curriculum Design & Ideas, but I want to take time this week and really break down what this method is and talk about what it looks like in action. So, for the next several days, we are going to break down the acronym, and I’m going to attempt to make videos to go along with it.

For starters, the acronym itself is:

  • I – Introduce
  • R- Recognize
  • R- Review
  • R- Retain

Simple enough right? And once you hear them broken down even more, you’ll probably see that you may already be incorporating this in your teaching style! As mentioned in our curriculum design and ideas, I haven’t seen this particular method before, so I’d like to think I’m the “founder” of it (LOL), but it no way do I want it to be so concrete that people feel like a failure if they try it and it doesn’t work.

I simply want to introduce a method that I believe can work with any learning and teaching style. So, join me for the remainder of the week as we break this down, and definitely leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


*Chime in: are you already using a method that you love? Tell us about it in the comments below!


Until next time, blessings-



P.S. You can find a great learning style quiz from the Hip Homeschooling Blog HERE.


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    1. Awesome!! Don’t forget to check out the Homeschool Corner on our website. Lots of good info for newbies, plus FREE Lesson Plans, Curriculum, and printables for Toddler 2’s to 1st grade!!

    1. That’s awesome, Becca! Definitely utilize all the freebies our website has to offer for new homeschooling mamas!! We have some goodies in the Shop too! I will be homeschooling a toddler, preschooler, and 4th grader this year!! XO

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