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The ABCs of Homeschooling

When first starting to homeschool, I knew in the very depths of my heart Christ was to be the focal point of it. Alongside our children, I’d explain from the Bible why something was or wasn’t acceptable. And we’d talk about it. But there were still some key things that I didn’t yet know how to teach. That is, until I learned about the Principle Approach® method of education. Because of its beauty, I’m sharing with you about the ABC’s of homeschooling with the Principle Approach® method.

What is the Principle Approach® Method?

In short, it’s America’s historical method of keeping the Bible at the heart of education. Truly, there are Bible principles in every single subject. In the background of education, it’s how our Founding Fathers learned. In the foreground of education, it’s what we need to help keep our Republic and reach the world for Christ.

Parents who love their children and care about their future will want to consider teaching with this method of education.

A… A Philosophy of Education

In case you’re unaware, a philosophy is why you teach what you teach and is behind your decision about how you teach.  For it’s so much more than the many common reasons parents want to homeschool. Therefore, I can’t emphasize enough why Christian homeschooling moms need a philosophy of education.

While there are a lot of ideas and memes about education, we really need to understand the definition of it.  Therefore, it’s important to learn why Christian homeschooling parents need to define education.  Because God entrusts our children to us, it’s important to know what He says on the topic.

B… Bible Principles

This is different than a Christian worldview. Certainly, Christian parents are teaching from a Biblical worldview. And more thank likely using curriculum that emphasizes it is being used. This is excellent! Because a Biblical worldview is the large picture that answers these questions:

  • How did the world come about?
  • Why are we here?
  • What’s the problem with the world and what’s the answer?

Whereas, Bible Principles are the Biblical truths to each subject. Indeed, they point us to our Creator God. Thereby, they ground us in our faith in Christ even more. Plus, they open up a whole new world of learning for us as we see God’s handiwork in every detail.

In fact, art is an excellent place to begin learning about Bible Principles. For God is the Master Artist. Principled Academy offers a Foundations of Art Bible Principles course which gently leads you in how this is done.

C… Christ is the Focal Point

In a Principle Approach® education, we not only learn with Bible Principles we also learn:

  • America’s Christian Heritage and the 7 Bible Principles she was founded upon.
  • Christ is the Focal Point of History (His Story),
  • Self-Government through Christ,
  • To think internal to external,
  • and to think cause to effect.

As can be seen, all of these aspects come under Christ being the focal point of History. It’s exciting that as we learn all of these aspects in our education, we’re training our minds. And our hearts are impacted by God’s Word for Christ.

D… Do Word Studies

Surprise! Here’s a bonus alphabet letter.

In order to teach with Bible Principles, we do Word studies. Can you imagine how lovely it is to sit with your children and learn from God’s Word in each subject? Well, this is how to do it:

  • Define words using Webster’s 1828 Dictionary from subjects you’re learning about. And define any key word(s) within that definition that you want to learn more about.
  • Use a concordance to find Bible verses that contain those words. This will help you find Bible principles. Or another way to look at it is to find Bible truths. Additionally, using Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible may be helpful.
  • Journal what you’ve learned about. And discuss it as a family.

May you be blessed on your homeschool journey as you seek the Lord in all you do.

Teaching with the Principle Approach® for over ten years, Heather has learned to simplify it for her family’s home school lifestyle without losing the richness of the method.  Now, she’s a homeschooling and life coach mentor with the Principle Approach® method. It’s more than a Classical Biblical Education; it’s a way of life. You can stay connected with Heather at on facebook , the facebook group Christian Homeschooling with Bible Principles, Pinterest , and by signing up for her newsletter, Principled Academy Notes.


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