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HUNDREDS of Fall-Themed Activities, Lesson Plans, and More

Happy Fall y’all! It’s my favorite time of the year, and I want to share HUNDREDS of Fall-themed activities, lesson plans, and more! There are so many things to learn and do all year-round, but there is something about Fall that makes learning much more fun in the Huddleston home.

For starters, the weather is simply amazing in our area of the world. The evenings, nights, and mornings are much cooler and the days are warm enough to still keep the windows open. This makes for amazing family walks any time during the day.

Something else I absolutely adore about Fall is the visual stimulation. The color-changing leaves pop with the natural blue backdrop provided by the illuminating sky.

When it comes to learning, the possibilities seem endless. I have found hundreds of Fall-themed activities for kiddos of all ages – including us adults!

Below is a list of some amazing (and FREE) resources that you can easily incorporate into your homeschooling routine:

To access hundreds more Fall-themed activities, lesson plans, games, coloring pages, and ideas – visit our Homeschooling Fall Pinterest board!


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CHIME IN: What are some of your favorite Fall-themed learning activities?! Share in the comments below!

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