How to Learn Hebrew the Easy Way

If you’ve been wondering how to learn Hebrew the easy way, look no further. After years of learning this beautiful language and (my husband) teaching it to our kids, I’d like to share some tips for those looking to learn Hebrew. Regardless of why you want to learn – whether for conversation or to deepen your Biblical understanding – there are a few ways to go about it to make it easier. These suggestions come from years of off and on learning and experience.

How to learn Hebrew the easy way.

3 Ways to Learn Hebrew the Easy Way

First and foremost, as with learning any language there’s a learning curve. Give you and your kids grace as you learn a new way of speaking and communicating. Also understand that a different mindset may need to be adopted. For example, Hebrews see things more concrete versus abstract. Therefore, a lot of their meanings and definitions will seem different than a Westernized mindset (abstract). With this in mind, use the following tips to dive into learning Hebrew.

Start from the beginning.

What’s the beginning when learning any language? The alphabet! I recommend starting with learning the Hebrew alphabet, also known as, the Aleph Bet. There are 22 main letters, each having their own sounds. Just like English, these sounds come together to make words. Now, with Hebrew, you can learn the vowel sounds, although they are a fairly new addition to the overall language.

Hebrew alphabet (aleph bet) chart.

Incorporate manipulatives.

Anything hands on always help my family and I pick up on learning anything better. In this case, we use flashcards, posters, and handwriting activities quite often. In fact, I made some flashcards of the Aleph Bet, numbers, colors, and shapes because thats what we’re used to when teaching concepts in English.

I also created a Beginner Hebrew Notebook, handwriting writing practice workbook, and various other manipulative that we all use quite often. The key is to incorporate things that you and your family will use often.

Use videos.

Videos have been a life saver for us. Thanks to YouTube, we’ve been able to compile a pretty awesome (and growing) playlist. I’m constantly adding videos as we get further and further into our Hebrew language learning. These are great for learning something new or getting a refresher on something previously taught.

The idea is to completely engulf yourself in the language you are learning. Be intentional about doing something with it everyday. Something as small as going over flashcards everyday is a great start. Then, incorporate handwriting practice. Begin to speak the language by learning vocabulary words for things you see and use on a daily basis.

While there’s really no right or wrong way to learn a new language, these are ways that have worked best for my family. Check out our resources and be sure to save our YouTube playlist. I’ll also drop some good books to check out below the video playlist.

Hebrew Books to Check Out

Chime in: Do you want to learn Hebrew? What other languages are you interested in learning about as well? Let me know in the comments below!

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