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Homeschooling Kindergarten

Homeschooling Kindergarten is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Tal from Blessed Grove Homeschooling.

While kindergarten may be shrugged off by some as not being “formal” enough, I believe the old fashioned simplicity of kindergarten is what contributes to its longevity. For several decades, all across the world within schools, and now within the homes of families of all backgrounds, this primary grade level seems to have no end in sight.

When a child reaches the age for kindergarten instruction, that is the perfect time for beginning an education at home. There is much trial and error when it comes to educating young children. Those trying times increase when a parent decides to become the primary educator for their own child.

What should be taught? How often should one teach a child weekly? What books or method of instruction should be used? These are some of the questions that parents may ask themselves when taking on the role of teacher inside the home.

There are millions of educational materials on the market today for learners at the kinder level, so there is a lot to weed through upon making a decision to homeschool a child. I’ve always believed that instruction for young children within the home should be kept as simple as possible.


Overloading the child with too much information can be detrimental to some young minds. Trying to teach too many heavy lessons can potentially lead to burnout for both the child and the parent.

The introduction of formal lessons comes at a time when a child’s love for learning is developing, so gentle instruction will help make the entire process easier. Read more about making the kindergarten year simple, but powerful here.

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Tal is a veteran homeschooling mom of 7 and recently graduated her first high schooler. She is passionate about helping other homeschooling families know that they can home educate their children, no matter how many they have. Tal is also a curriculum resource creator with lots of printables and packets available hereConnect with her at Blessed Grove Homeschooling.




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