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Fantastic Homeschooling Field Trip Ideas

Fantastic Homeschooling Field Trip Ideas is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Sarah from Homegrown Scholars.

Are you searching for fantastic field trip ideas for this coming homeschooling year?

If so, this is right where you need to be! From suggestions on where to find unique and enjoyable field trip offerings, to simple planning tips and budget-friendly options – I’ve got you covered!

A huge benefit of homeschooling is the tremendous freedom and flexibility we have. This opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities and a variety of field trips and educational experiences. We’re not at the mercy of the traditional school calendar.

We’re able to take advantage of less crowded days and times, and there are countless fun and creative opportunities available. This is great news – so many educational possibilities and adventures await! What an amazing homeschooling perk!

At the same time, however, the endless options may leave us feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. How in the world do we start planning? What activities should we prioritize? How can we keep field trips fun for the whole family? And how in the world will we be able to afford all of these experiences?

It’s enough to make our heads spin! Decision fatigue may settle in as we find ourselves struggling with our many options and deciding how best to move forward. We need a plan for how to gather ideas, stay organized, keep field trips budget-friendly, and remain stress-free!

I want you to feel excited about field trips and all of the rich educational opportunities and memory-making possibilities they bring. So in order to help you streamline your field trip planning, I’m providing specific examples of simple outings and adventures. This is information I’ve collected throughout my family’s (nearly!) decade of homeschooling. 

In addition to sharing some of my family’s all-time-favorite field trips, I’m including tips for plenty of FREE and discounted opportunities. These are experiences your whole family will enjoy and that you’ll be able to implement right away. 

Let’s take advantage of our freedom and flexibility as homeschoolers and make some incredible memories as we explore, learn, and grow together. 

Let’s plan some fantastic field trips this year! Click here to read more about Fantastic Homeschooling Field Trip Ideas!

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