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Tips for Homeschooling a Large Family

Tips for Homeschooling a Large Family is part of the Back to Homeschool: Mind Over Matter blog series. This post has been provided by Charlene from Hess Unacademy.

Are you the blessed parent of multiple kids? Have you considered homeschooling these kids, but you’re afraid you won’t be able to pull it off? I am the mother of a large homeschool family. I have 7 kids, and we have been homeschooling for more than 10 years.  

I am here to tell you that homeschooling lots of kids doesn’t have to be scary! In fact, I’ve got a list of my top 5 homeschool tips for large families for your reading pleasure. This list includes useful, actionable tips you can start implementing today.  

Tips like how to create the perfect homeschool day. Fit all of your studies into your day without wanting to pull your hair out.  

Ideas and suggestions for the perfect homeschool curriculum options that will make homeschooling a large family a million times easier. A simple homeschool hack that will get your kids studying independently in no time.

And that’s not even the whole list!

When I started homeschooling my oldest more than 10 years ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes.  Honestly, I still make a lot of mistakes.

Every time it seemed like I had this homeschool thing figured out, another baby would come along and throw off the whole system. I had to start over so many times, it’s ridiculous!

But now that I’ve been homeschooling (and having babies) for more than a decade, I think I’ve got this large homeschool family thing figured out.  (at least for now – #truthbomb)

I have learned a lot over the years.  

Every family who wants to homeschool should be able to homeschool, regardless of the number of kids they have! 

Do you want to read the tips? It’s a very detailed and actionable list that you should be able to start putting into practice right away. Go check out the large family homeschool tips now!

Before you go, don’t forget to enter the back to homeschool bundle giveaway and comment below with any concerns you may have with homeschooling. We are here to support you!

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Charlene Hess spent many years teaching kids before she had her own kids. She now has 7 kids of her own, whom she has been homeschooling for the last 10 years. Charlene still teaches other children outside of her home but finds great joy in exploring the world with her family. Charlene has participated in many leadership trainings with John C. Maxwell. Charlene and her husband blog about their homeschool adventures over at https://hessunacademy.com


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