Homeschool Math Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

I am that homeschool mom. You know, the one who doesn’t want things to be too difficult. The one who questions if what my child is learning will even matter later in life. There is one thing I know is important, and that is math. But what I’ve come to realize is that homeschool math doesn’t have to be so hard!

I was sponsored by CTC math to review their comprehensive online math curriculum program and am excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone. For more information please read my full disclosure.

Homeschool Math Before CTC

I’m not gonna lie… I’ve always said that if my children knew the basics – how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide – I’d be good with that. Then my oldest tells me that he wants to pursue a future career in something that may take a little more than that.

Great. Cue the behind-the-scenes tears because this mama doesn’t invest in hundreds of dollars of already-done-for-you curriculum, let alone expensive online classes. I’m more of the do-it-yourself, piece-it-together kind of gal.

So before trying CTC Math, that’s what I was doing. It seemed to work for the most part and got the job done. However, the thought of trying to re-learn other concepts always seemed intimidating.

Homeschool Math After CTC

We are only a couple weeks in with trying this new style of learning and my son was a little overwhelmed at first. It was partly my fault because I wasn’t quite sure where to start him. I had him take a couple of assessments (not his forte) and I could see him getting a little down about concepts he had yet to learn.

However, after finding his placement, he seems to be doing pretty well. The short, but highly informational videos are just enough to keep his attention. And the activities to complete afterward really drive the points home. There were a few times he seemed frustrated, but that’s natural – right?

Another perk is the way the lessons are laid out. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of mom like me then you’ve probably wondered what to teach next. CTC Math seems to have it all laid out – perfectly – from kindergarten through high school.

I also particularly enjoy getting the weekly reports. It tells me exactly how he is doing, and I can keep up from behind the scenes. As my son gets older, I become less and less of the hawk-eye homeschool mom that is constantly looking over his shoulder. I want to give him a little wiggle room and trust that he can complete lessons without my constant supervision (yay for independent learning!).

Overall, I’m grateful for the opportunity to use this program and I can’t wait to give you a later report. This is also something that I plan to use with my kinder-learner. I want to wait a couple more months before starting her on it… to be continued.

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