Homeschooling with Usborne Books

Our journey with Usborne started in 2014 when we made the decision that we would homeschool our children. Being a natural curriculum resource creator, I knew that I would be that mom who would put together her children’s curriculum herself.

Thanks to Usborne, finding reliable books (and other resources) to use in our homeschool has been easy and most importantly – cost efficient. I became a Consultant for several reasons. One, to receive 25% off any time I purchased books for our homeschool. Two, to help other families add these amazing books to their home. And three, to help schools and libraries get their hands on these books as well.

As life would have it, a few of those reasons have had to take a back seat but I am still passionate about helping other families – especially homeschooling families – learn and start their journey with using Usborne books to help them home educate their children.

Below you’ll read about my easy peasy 5 steps to homeschooling with Usborne Books.

Step 1: Get Familiar

It’s always a great idea to do a little research about companies and find out what they have to offer before deciding to use their services. When it comes to Usborne Books and More, they are a well-established company that has twice been recognized by Forbes Magazine and three times by Fortune Magazine. They have also been in existence for over 30 years!

Today, Usborne Books & More distributes books through thousands of independent consultants who sell directly to the consumer via home shows, direct sales, book fairs, and web sites.

Another way to get familiar is to visit my website and take a look around!

Step 2: Brainstorm Subjects You’d Like to Outsource For

Sifting through hundreds of books and supplies can quickly become overwhelming so I highly recommend that you jot down what subjects you’d like to consider outsourcing for. Perhaps you’d like to start with Math and Science, or History only.

Whatever you choose is totally up to you! Once you’ve gotten an idea of what subjects you’d like to get books for you’re ready for the next step.

Step 3: Start a List

Let the window shopping begin! Luckily the website is easy to navigate because of the menu bar on the left. However, I’ve included some quick links below for the most commonly searched subjects and age groups – plus added some most popular titles for each group! Simply click on what interests you and a new window will pop up. While you’re there, consider creating an account and starting a wish list! This way you can easily return to it.

Babies & Toddlers:

  • 123 Counting
  • 199 Things of the Farm
  • All About Families
  • All Better
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Baby’s Very First Little Library
  • Baby’s Very First Stroller Books
  • Big Book of Little Stories
  • Count to 100
  • Find the Duck
  • I’m a Hungry Dinosaur
  • My First 100 Words
  • That’s Not My __________ (45 to choose from)
  • Very First Book of Things to Spot

Preschool & Kindergarten:

  • 1000 Things in Nature
  • 50 States in Every Vehicle
  • Big Book of Big ___________ (13 to choose from)
  • Shine-a-light Book series (several to choose from)
  • First Thousand Words in English
  • Life Size
  • Lift-the-Flap Colors
  • A Look Inside series (13 to choose from)
  • Muddle & Match series (9 to choose from)
  • My Very First Animals Book
  • My Very First Reading Library
  • My Very First Reading Box Set

School Age:

  • 100 Things to Know About History
  • 100 Things to Know About Computers & Coding
  • 99 Math Puzzles
  • Adding & Subtracting Activity Book
  • Amazing Women
  • Architect Academy
  • Be Brave
  • Beginner Animals Box Set
  • Beginner Science Box Set
  • Children’s Picture Atlas
  • Complete Book of Art Ideas
  • Doctor Academy
  • Engineer Academy
  • Entrepreneur Academy
  • Flags of the World to Color
  • Wipe Clean Fractions
  • Wipe Clean Adding
  • Wipe Clean Dividing

Nonfiction Topics/Subjects:

(These books are great for beginner readers through high school-age chapter books!)

Extra Resources:

Step 4: Budget & Buy, Save, or Get Books FREE

As you add to your wishlist you’ll notice your total slowly rising. No worries! There are several ways to easily afford these books; not the mention, you’ll be using your purchases over and over! That’s the best part about these books – one investment, multiple uses. 

If it’s in your budget to buy some books outright, by all means do so. However, if you’re like me… you welcome any ideas of saving a few bucks!

One way to save money on purchasing Usborne books (and resources) is by hosting a party. Don’t worry, I won’t have to come set up in your home. We can have your book party conveniently online and you can invite your friends from all over. I take care of doing the party, handling any assistance with choosing books – all while you sit back and enjoy the hostess benefits. Depending on when you host your party, you could be in for some extra savings!

Another way to save on your purchases (and the route I took) is to become a Consultant – but you don’t have to “work the business.” Luckily there are not minimum quotas to reach before you can get paid AND you get paid on a weekly basis! Active consultants make 25% commission on every book sale (or party sale). The kicker is it only costs $75 to get started and you start with 10 books, your ecommerce (shopping) website, and other consultant perks!

Regardless of which avenue you choose I’m here to help! Click here to contact me about hosting a party, becoming a consultant, or simply buy a few books!

Step 5: Lesson Plan

Last but not least, it’s time to put your purchases into action. I made a video that explains how simple it is to lesson plan using Usborne Books! Check it out below!