Galilee Green EVOO… the best we’ve ever tried!

Our complimentary shipment of Galilee Green’s extra virgin olive oil had finally blessed our mailbox… and boy were we eager to get into that box! Like two kiddos who just received a new toy, my husband and I looked at each other with sparkly eyes as we opened the tin.

He immediately smells it. Then tastes it raw. I too.

It was then that we knew we had gotten our hands on something authentic, and organic. At that moment, we genuinely felt a connection to the amazing land of Israel. The smell and the taste were enough for us, but I decided to try it every way possible.

Of course the most common use for extra virgin olive oil is for cooking, so I used it to sautee vegetables, cook omelets, boil spaghetti noodles, and in last Shabbat’s crock pot meal. We could definitely tell a BIG difference in the flavor of our food, so much so it’s hard to finish our store-bought olive oil.

I also had the opportunity to test it on my skin. I messed around in our little flower spot to tidy up what the last big rain had done, and for some reason, my arms began to break out. This normally doesn’t happen, but it did give me the opportunity to test our Galilee Green EVOO in another way. I applied it to my skin every few hours and after two days, my once irritated skin was clear!

(picture is of my skin irritated before using Galilee Green’s EVOO.)

Just knowing that this authentic oil comes from the heart of Israel was enough for my husband and I, but having the opportunity to actually smell it, taste it raw, cook with it, and use it to help clear a seasonal rash put the icing on the cake. We genuinely believe this EVOO is worth every penny it costs, and not only did we gain an authentic oil, but we also gained an authentic family and relationship in Israel!

If you’ve never heard of Galilee Green and their amazing extra virgin olive oil, I invite you to connect with them and consider ordering (click on the photos to be directed to their site):

Consider subscribing to their website to get this free cookbook, as well as one email per week that is packed with valuable information about Galilee Green and a great recipe! I love how easy their recipes are!!

Purchasing Galilee Green EVOO is super simple! Pay one set price each month and get Galilee Green EVOO shipped directly to your door according to the plan you choose (2, 3, or 4 tins sent four times a year).

They are also on Facebook! Connect with them and deepen your connection to the Land of Israel!! You’ll be glad you did!


CHIME IN: have you tried Galilee Green EVOO? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! If not, would you be willing to try some?


Until next time, blessings-



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