Discover How To Plan Your Homeschool’s Curriculum For Free – Right Now!

Let me show you how to find, store, and implement FREE curriculum and resources that accommodate your child’s unique learning style so you can have your BEST HOMESCHOOLING year yet!


Hey Mom, I’ve been there. I have stood at the crossroads of “yes I want to homeschool” and “how will I do it without financially struggling”.

I did what I knew best and started a mad search while praying for peace, patience, and blessings. You see, early in my homeschooling journey I didn’t have a solid support system. Everyone around me was questioning our decision to homeschool and were skeptical of our motives. I didn’t know who I could reach out to for help and the discouragement quickly set it.

So here I am with a soon to be first grader and a baby on the way. Finances were set to our current lifestyle for a family of three with one in public school. Before getting too discouraged, I began the search for ways to homeschool for free or cheap – and at the time, it wasn’t so easy. I didn’t have someone come to me with an already tried and true system to finding curriculum, resources, and materials for free or cheap. . . let alone show me how to make sense of it all.

Over the past five years I have developed a system that I never shared with anyone, until now. I have managed to homeshool for extremely cheap, spending less than $100 every single year on supplements and resources, from DIY curriculum planning. You’re probably wondering how this is even possible, and I’m glad you asked.

I want to share my tried and true system with you!

How would you like to successfully plan curriculum around your family’s unique structure and needs – and pay NOTHING?

Here are some of the most common myths surrounding DIY curriculum planning…

I don’t know where start.
Doing it myself is too expensive.
I don’t know how or even want to write a curriculum from scratch.
I don’t know where to find feasible curricula to meet my family’s unique needs, let alone for free.
I don’t know how to organize curricula and resources that I find.
I don’t know how to make curricula and resources last.
I am not sure how to get help.

Planning your own curriculum for free can sound intimidating, and as a matter of fact it can be overwhelming without a good system in place.

But I am here to help show you how to find and implement free curricula that best fits your family’s needs!

Trying to find a good way to start, locate free curricula and resources acceptable by your state’s laws, and putting together practical lesson plans can get overwhelming!

Spending hundreds of dollars on boxed curricula only to abandon ship half way through the homeschooling year can get expensive.

But don’t worry, I have a system that can help YOU!

What makes this class unique is that I am going to show you how to start the DIY process, AND I’m also going to give you a list of over 75 websites that offer free curricula and resources! And that’s not all.

You’ll get show-and-tell videos PLUS bonus printables to help keep your DIY curriculum planning organized and manageable!

We’ll talk about the importance of knowing where your child(ren) is/are academically so you can have a smooth process to finding and using curricula and resources that accommodate your child’s unique learning style!

We’ll talk about how to organize and store resources so you can easily implement them through feasible lesson plans for a successful homeschooling year!

I have designed this course to help you get motivated, organized, and have the best (and cheapest) year yet!

Through this series I’ll be there every step of the way to help guide you through the process of DIY curriculum planning while still having time to enjoy your family in the process.

Together we’ll make your curriculum planning journey fun and inspiring!


Introducing my new…

Frugal Mom’s Guide to DIY Curriculum Planning Masterclass

Learn a helpful system built on solid strategies to plan your homeschool curriculum for free!

This is a self-paced 9 video series masterclass that includes several BONUS downloads to help you get and stay organized as you curriculum plan! Once you join the course you’re welcome to download the materials and view the video lessons at your convenience making it super flexible to fit your schedule!

♥ Discover what it means to really DIY curriculum plan.
♥ Learn how to correctly get started for maximum productivity.
♥ Tap into your unique organization style.
♥ Find the best curricula and resources for your family.
♥ Learn how to organize the curricula and resources you want to use.
♥ Learn how to effectively plug and pace for optimal lesson planning.
♥ Create a realistic system of longevity that saves you money.
♥ Incorporate your family’s uniqueness through the entire process.

Learn practical tips on how to effectively find and implement curriculum/resources, motivate yourself and your kids in the process, and do it all for free!

Enjoy the course online via your computer or on any other mobile device!


“This Masterclass is excellent for new homeschoolers that need some direction in how to start finding and organizing curriculum. There is value in having all the information together and in a step by step format like you have in this course. The included printables are awesome, and really help to organize curriculum and lesson plans. I also love that you’ve made an organized list of curriculum resources!”

Crystal – homeschooling Mom of 3


Here are just some of the things you’ll get with my EXCLUSIVE

Frugal Mom’s Guide to DIY Curriculum Planning Masterclass

∞ Assistance with getting started on the right curriculum planning foot.
Learn how to implement a realistically inexpensive system year after year.
Learn how DIY curriculum planning can save your sanity and your budget!
Learn a variety of ways to organize curriculum/resources.
Learn how to effectively lesson plan.
Get ONLINE support and encouragement!


Join me TODAY and start enjoying your DIY curriculum planning journey!



Wait. . . that’s not all!!!


As a special BONUS for enrolling in this course, I’m throwing in an extra moduleMethods of Homeschooling and why it matters to be familiar with them!

In this bonus module, you will:

  • get a snapshot of the various methods of homeschooling
  • understand how to choose what method(s) work best for your family
  • learn more about setting up your homeschool for success
  • be confident in creating your own curriculum with your chosen methods in mind


This will be a vital aid along your DIY curriculum planning journey!