Finding Your Homeschool Groove: From Clashing Chaos to Smooth Groove

Ask any mom that’s been homeschooling for any length of time and they’ll tell you that at some point – most likely early on – they struggled with finding their homeschool groove.

Every homeschool has a groove… a beat that everyone works smoothly to. When there is a lack of “groove”, usually there is a presence of something that sounds a lot like clashing cymbals and off-tune notes. So, what’s the difference and how do you find your groove? Let’s talk about it!

The Clashing Chaos Homeschool

I experienced having this kind of homeschool quite often (and every so often it tries to peep back in). My children and I were not in harmony and it made educating them miserable. Behaviors were out of the norm, and it was obvious that our desires to continue had diminished. I struggled with planning, implementing, and encouraging my kiddos… and they struggled with wanting to learn and do anything beyond play with toys and watch Netflix.

Please don’t take offense if this sounds like your homeschool right now. Know that it’s okay and you don’t have to stay where you’re at. There is a way, and I want to help you find yours.

The Smooth Groove Homeschool

Whether we call it this or not, every mom’s (and dad’s) desire it to have an amazing homeschooling experience. The smooth groove homeschool is just that. It’s when everyone is on the same page, understands what is expected, and does their part in creating a harmonious groove.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be hard days, or days when you’re just not feeling it… what this does mean is those hard days don’t cause your tune to go sharp, flat, or stop completely. On the contrary, you, your kiddos, and your homeschool maintain its groove.

How to go from Chaos to Groove

Going from chaos to groove doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re like me and are in the season of growing your family, there is always something going on that could very well cause chaos. But here’s the key take away:

Instead of looking through the lens of chaos, switch the lens to always see the harmony.

Shift Your Focus

That may not make much sense but here is what I mean. It’s so easy to see the negative in things. It’s super easy to get into a funk and start to see everything from a funky perception. So what if we decided that we were going to see the groove and awesome tune in things? Perhaps then we would begin to see everything from a groovy perception.

Now before you think I’ve gone all hippy on you, understand that I am a visual person. Sometimes it helps me to use something familiar to me, in this case music, to help explain something or make a valid point. In this situation, I want us to see the harmony that homeschooling can bring into our lives.

Make Small Changes

Once we have shifted our focus, we can begin to make other small changes. Now unless you are a advising client of mine, I can’t easily pinpoint the small changes you need to make through a blog post, but I will ask a few questions that could spark some suggestions:

  • Are you homeschooling according to what someone else is doing?
  • What are your reasons behind why you are homeschooling?
  • Do you have goals established for your homeschool?
  • Do your children understand what is expected of them?
  • Have you set up unexpected expectations for yourself that could be hindering you?
  • Is everyone in the family on the same page?
  • Do you need to adjust schedules, routines, etc.?

I could go on and on, but basically, I want you to think about your homeschool and how you can homeschool your way. This is one of the best ways to also find your homeschool groove.

So next time you start to hear a shift in your homeschool tune… take a step back and ask yourself: How am I perceiving myself, my kids, and our homeschool? Do I need to make any small changes? Am I homeschooling the way that fits my family? Nine times out of ten you’ll find your answer within one of those three questions and can make the needed adjustments to keep your homeschool groove!

If you’d like support along this journey, consider my Jumpstart Your Homeschool Journey masterclass!

Until next time, happy homeschool groovin’ y’all!

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