Godly parenting in today’s world can be tough. Getting through the stages of nursing, diapering, potty training, and starting school is enough. Add to that the world’s push of entitlement, get rich quick, and false hopes – we suddenly have a new war on our hands.

The war for the souls of our children is real. The battle started ages ago. And if you ask us, it’s not going to get any better.

This calls for a generation of parents to rise up who are not afraid to be godly parents… raising godly children. Not children who one day rebel. Not children who are taught to play the part. Nope. We are talking about the kind of godly parenting learns what the Bible says. Then lives what the Bible says. And finally leads their children to learn and live what the Bible says.

This is what will make a difference.

Whether you have one child, or six… whether they are natural born, or adopted… whether you are part of a blended family, or not – make it a priority to parent on purpose.

What’s your parenting style?

We all have one, or two. And yes, they do matter. I had a great time learning about the various parenting styles, and a come to Yeshua moment when I realized that my parenting style directly reflected my children’s behaviors. Duh, right? Well, not really… especially if you have no idea what your parenting style is, why/how you acquired, nor how to go about changing it. In this blog post, I link to a YouTube video that is a must see!

The Giggles of Parenting Multiples

If you have more than two kiddos then you have probably had your fair share of looks, glares, and stares. I don’t know what it is but people seem to think it’s either horrible to have a lot of kids or completely wonderful. I haven’t found too many folks in the middle. In this blog post, I share some funny things that moms of multiples wish others would stop saying to them.

Parenting Special Needs Children

This is one that Bryan and I do not have much experience in, but a guest blogger we had, Heather Gonzales, knows this journey well. In her blog post, she shares ways that parents can be making it harder and offers a burst of encouragement for those traveling this road.

Building Relationships with Your Children

I read something that said rules without relationship equals rebellion. I’ll never forget that. Quite honestly, it made me think about my rebellious days and it saddens me to have to agree with the saying. I had a good upbringing for the most part, but I don’t quite remember there being much effort in building relationship. Guest Blogger, Connie, wrote¬†this beautiful post with toe-stepping ways we can build and strengthen relationships with our kiddos.

But how do I stay sane when all my kids are little?

Lots of coffee, maybe? Seriously though, to prevent Brittany Spears moments… and for the sake of keeping parenting godly, there are ways to stay sane when all your kiddos are little. In this blog post, guest blogger Andrea shares some practical ways to stay sane that are both amazing and encouraging!