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Family Health 101: 5 Ways to Get Your Family Involved in Healthy Eating

Are you looking for ways to get your family to eat healthier? Are you wanting some Family Health 101? Then you have come to the right place!

Blog Contributor Sarah, would like to give you 5 Ways/Assignments to Get Your Family Involved With Healthy Eating:

1. Let Them Help Choose Your Meals

2. Let Them Help Shop

3. Let Them Prepare Food

4. Explain the Ingredients and Benefits

5. Exercise Together

Assignment 1. Let Them Help Choose Your Meals

Why let your family help choose the meals they eat?

Well. do you hear what you are saying? Giving your family some sort of a choice. Knowledge is power, but with kids- Choice is power.

Now, you could do this a few ways.

  1. Assign each family member a night to choose, or a morning, snack etc. Switch off, and let them have the responsibility of choosing a protein, starch and vegetable.
  2. Take turns letting each family member choose their favorite vegetable or fruit to go with a meal. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner.
  3. Or compile a list of everyone’s favorite meats, starches, and vegetables and build your menu off of that!

I know that for my kids, when they know they got to choose what they are eating; They are so proud they eat it all! Not always, but most of the time.

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Assignment 2. Let Them Help Shop

Let your kids help you shop! After they have helped in some way in choosing what to shop for; Let them help shop for that!

Why? This helps your kids become more familiar with what healthy foods look like, how colorful and beautiful they can be, and gives them pride in being a helper.

Once again you can do this a few ways:

  1. First you can let them shop for the meal they chose, if you went that route.
  2. Second you could let them just shop for that side dish they chose; Vegetable or Fruit.
  3. Or you could let them shop for what you have chosen, that you know is their favorite!!

My kids behave so much better in the store when I allow them to help pick things out.

And when you have given them things to choose from, it guarantees a good choice no matter what.

Assignment 3. Let Them Prepare Food

This one may sound a little scarier. But, my kids are 4 and 2, and they help prepare most dishes!!

In fact, they can now make some things by themselves such as Cookies, French Toast, and Plenty More!

So, what am I asking you to do?

Give your kids simple tasks, such as;

  1. Rinsing the vegetables
  2. Crinkling the vegetables; like kale.
  3. Measuring and Pouring Ingredients such as Flour and Milk
  4. Cracking Eggs
  5. Flipping French Toast or Pancakes

Or for the older kids,

  1. Cutting vegetables
  2. Slicing bread
  3. Stirring the pot
  4. Scrambling eggs
  5. Stirring a Stir Fry
  6. Placing things in the Oven
  7. Setting the Timer

Or any child Setting the table, and helping serve their own food!

Assignment 4. Explain the Ingredients and Benefits

I have found that when your children know what they are eating, and why it is important; that they are more willing to eat it.

It is muuuuuch easier to do this starting from a younger age; but once you start- you just need to stick to it!!

However you accomplish this step, will be dependent on your own family.

Assignment 5. Exercise Together

Last, but certainly not least- is exercising as a family.

When your body is in shape, it craves healthy food.

Here are a few ways you can exercise as a family.

  1. Stretching, Yoga.
  2. Running, Walking, or Biking together.
  3. Lifting weights at home.
  4. Getting a gym membership together!

Here are a few ways to incorporate healthy food while exercising.

  1. Drink more water. Buy water bottles that measure ounces so you have an end goal in mind.
  2. Prepare Healthy Snacks. Popcorn, Granola Bars, Trail Mix, etc- so they always have something healthy to grab.

Once you implement these changes in your life, it will be much easier to implement them in your families life.

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So tell me, How do You and Your Family Live Healthy?

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9 thoughts on “Family Health 101: 5 Ways to Get Your Family Involved in Healthy Eating”

  1. My family and I do exercise together and I think that is great not only for our health but also strengthens our bonds but when it comes to diet it a little bit trickier.
    Me and my husband like to follow a keto diet while our daughter decided to become vegan so that´s a bit of a challenge.
    I guess while we don´t always agree on what is a healthy diet we respect each other´s opinions and that helps when sitting together and enjoying our meals.

  2. I love these practical ways to help children learn to make healthy decisions by involving them in these ways. My kids are 2, 6 and 8 and I need to let them help prep food more. Have you seen those kids Nylon chef knives? I’m thinking about buying those for our kids to begin to learn to cut soft vegetables and fruits. You’ve motivated me to help them get started, thank you!

  3. Great tips! My girls love helping me meal plan once a week and they are regular sous chefs in my house. I never looked at it as ways we eat healthier, but it definitely is.

  4. Those are great suggestions. I am totally going to implement some of those , especially letting my kids help plan the meals. That’s something my daughter would love to help me do!

  5. These are good ideas! I have such an easier time with getting my younger children to eat healthier because I started them on it when they were young. My oldest one is SO HARD and only wants donuts. HAHA! He just doesn’t care to understand even when I explain why we eat the way we do. So any tips on getting an almost teen boy to care about healthy eating. LOL.

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