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The Epic Bloganized Planner

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have a serious love affair with journals, planners, and organizers. It’d blow your mind to see my bookshelves full of these things, but I love and need them in my life. It’s how I’ve always been and there are no signs of that changing. As of today, I use a total of three planners. . . and yes, on a daily basis.

“Just what am I using and why?” is most likely what you’re wondering after reading that, eh? Well here’s the thing. I have searched long and hard to find an all-inclusive planner. Shucks, I even broke down and made a 250+ page one back in 2016! Thing is, it just. didn’t. work. Nope. The idea was nice, but what I’ve realized is I am actually more organized when I keep things separated.

I have a planner for homeschooling (The Focused Homeschool Teacher’s Planner). I use a bullet journal for the homemaking part of life (meal planning, everyday to-do list, errands, short-hand notes, and therapeutic drawing). And now that I’m taking my website/blogging seriously, I now have an Epic Bloganized Planner.

I went on another mad search to find a blog planner and it lead me from a mouth drop to a smiley face then to a sad face. Long story short, there was a cutie patootie blog planner that may have fulfilled my needs but it was almost $100. (no thank you) Then I stumbled upon some freebies through Pinterest, but again, the pages had a lot of what I did not need. Perhaps it’s because I’m still “new” to the blogging-as-a-business arena, but regardless. . . I’m not going to invest in something that does not meet my needs. Period.

So what did I do? What I do best! I created my own blog planner. This way I know that I am getting the pages I will actually use, and be proud of. I made this with not only my needs in mind, but I also started thinking about all the other newbie bloggers out there who haven’t the slightest clue of what they’re really doing. All I (and they) know is that we want this thing to work. We want to be successful, but we know it doesn’t happen over night. At the same time, we have to be prepared to start somewhere. My somewhere is being as organized as possible, and my new Epic Bloganized Planner is helping me do it.

I named it the Epic Bloganized Planner – keyword being bloganized – because I’m planning for an organized blog. That’s why the pages I have created are helping bridge the gap in me reach goals that will take me to the next level in the blogging world. This planner includes the following pages:

  • month at a glance calender
  • week at a glance layout
  • monthly content planning
  • monthly blog post idea page
  • new project ideas page
  • new service ideas page
  • blog post tracker
  • giveaways & reviews tracker
  • affiliate and commission tracker (on one page for ease)
  • monthly income overview
  • yearly income report
  • email strategy planning
  • goal tracker
  • username/password log
  • master To-Do List
  • marketing planning page
  • event tracker (as hot)
  • fundraiser planning and tracking
  • Facebook group posting tracker
  • Facebook page posting tracker
  • and a bonus page for newbies: blog terminology cheat sheet
  • and more!

(Since the original publication of this planner, it has been updated to include over SEVEN more pages.)

The best part is each page has a simple but chic layout with grey scale coloring (to SAVE on printer ink). Until I can hire a social media manager, my Epic Bloganized Planner helps me get the job done. And even then, I’ll still use one! If you’re new to blogging, I highly recommend that you check out this planner. Even if you’ve been blogging for ten years, I also invite you to check it out too. Oh, and I forgot to mention that it’s only $35!!!

Why have I made this amazing 30+ page resource so inexpensive? The answer is simple. I want to help others just like me get a handle on taking their blog serious, and not at the expense of charging an arm. As I said before, we have to start somewhere right? And for some of us, we need to keep a tight ship on our purses until we can afford more!


Psst… I’ll be doing a Facebook live about my Epic Bloganized Planner so be sure to LIKE my page and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to see the replay!

CHIME IN: How do you stay organized as a blogger? Share in the comments below!


Happy blog planning y’all!

18 thoughts on “The Epic Bloganized Planner”

  1. Right now my organization is tons of papers with lots of sticky notes with ideas on them! LOL. I really need to get my thoughts and plans all in one place but not in my regular work calendar because that has the other part of my life already filling the pages. This looks great!

    1. You bet Melanie! Let me know if you’re looking for some help with making the most of it. We’ll be using this in my Mompreneur Mastermind & Beyond group! XO

  2. I love planners and journals too, but I’ve found that if I have to print something out (like this and other PDF planners I’ve bought) I balk at it. I keep returning to my digital fortress of planning since I guess that’s what works for me! I do keep a bullet journal and just bought the Living Well Planner, but most if not all of my blog planning and management is done between Evernote and Airtable.

    1. Totally understandable Colleen! It’s hard for me to use digital… I’m a paper and pencil kinda gal. I heard amazing things about that Living Well Planner!

    1. Thanks Blue! This is the planner that will definitely help you do it! Would you be interested in a mastermind group to help you get and stay organized with your blog?

  3. What a great idea! It definitely helps to be organized in multiple areas of life, and like you, I also have different notebooks and planners for those different areas. I am finding the older I get (60, with 61 approaching in March!), the more I appreciate (and need) structure to help battle brain fog and distraction.

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