Your specific homeschooling concerns matter…

That’s why I have created a few mentorship and advising opportunities tailored to accommodate the most common homeschooling needs. Every homeschooling journey is unique; however, the process it takes to create homeschooling success looks similar.

I offer individual and group coaching, both having an eclectic and thorough approach that reaches the depth of your homeschooling concerns. I specialize in budding forth a detailed plan of action created especially for you. Throughout my journey of helping others, I have found that when a person mixes belief and action, amazing things come out of it!

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I am your personal Homeschool Lifestyle Consultant.


Whether you are freely choosing to start homeschooling or are being forced into it by circumstance, Jump Start Your Homeschool Journey is a coaching program that will set you up for successfully homeschooling your way. I understand what it’s like to be at the crossroads of:

  • figuring out who to reach out to for help and support
  • embracing why your family chose to homeschool in the first place
  • understanding what to do about planning, curriculum, and scheduling
  • learning where to get resources, materials, and supplements
  • choosing when to start, stop, and take breaks
  • learning how to start with little to no hesitation and resistance
  • homeschooling your way without playing the comparison game

Believe me, I get it – and that is the driving force behind why I created this coaching program. You have someone to support your choice to homeschool. You have someone who will walk you through the steps to getting set up for success. You have someone who can help you navigate through the road blocks that often occur throughout this journey. And most important, you have someone who will embrace what it looks like to homeschool your way.

I will equip you, encourage you, and help you get established.



Perhaps you’ve been homeschooling for awhile (or not very long at all). You’ve gone through one curriculum after another. Your children seem to despise any idea of home education. And you’re not sure where to go from here. I want you to know that you can have Your Best Homeschooling Experience Now! Parallel with my best-selling book, Just for Today’s Homeschooling Mom, I will guide you through a series of modules that will help identify the hidden issues and give you the tools to fix them.

The resources provided through this program can be used far beyond our personal time together. In fact, I highly recommend that all homeschooling moms frequently assess their homeschool to prevent issues from piling up and becoming major problems.

The tools I developed will help keep you from experiencing what I often dealt with:

  • feelings of helplessness in providing my children a “good” education
  • feelings of hopelessness in making my plans work
  • hindrances from subconscious limiting beliefs
  • inconsistency from “jellyfish” parenting (not having clear expectations and stability)

During our personal time together, you will be recharged for successfully homeschooling.

Detailed information about this program and the waiting list will be available soon.



“I have a book that I wrote years ago, but never got published.”
“I have a story to tell, but who will really want to hear or read about it?”
“I’ve always wanted to publish a book, but I don’t have the money to do it.”
“I want to write a book, but I’m not sure where to start!”

Any of these sound familiar? Before self-publishing my first book, I went the traditional route of going through a publishing company. It cost me quite a bit of money, the experience wasn’t that great , but I was able to learn a valuable lesson – I could self-publish my own books with greater results. After navigating through the limiting beliefs that attempted to hinder me, I set out on a mission that would change my writing world forever.

The information I have gathered over the years has led me to successfully self-publish not one, not two, not even three… but four books (and counting)! Two of my books hit the Amazon best new releases list, making the top 20! I self-publish every single one of my books for $0 and see increasing sales every month spending $0.

The process I use is what I want to teach you in my Self-PUBLISH Like a Pro coaching program. In as little as four weeks you will be writing, publishing, and selling your book(s). Let’s do this!

Detailed information about this program and the waiting list will be available soon.



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